So.. this just happened

I just completed the epic incubator event and this is what i got:

A funny thing that happened when i was fighting was that these two kids came up to me (they were brats) and asked what i was doing. I said: Nothing special. Then, for some reason they hid behind a nearby house. (They thought i could not see them, but i could…) Anyway… then the wierd stuff happened: the started throwing stones at me! And, like, kinda big ones too! But because they were trying to not be seen they had terreble aim. AND THEY MANAGED TO THROW THE STONES INTO SOMEONE ELSES GARDEN DECORATION! The owner of the broken object did not notice… but still!!! The brats ran away… and i started to walk away scared of being framed… anyway i hope someone also completed this awsome battle event!!


That makes me think two things:
1> it sounds like they were very young, &
2> if they were older, they might have considered trying to rob you.
“ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings when playing JWA”

Jealous of the baronyx I got
And little baronyx, so pretty decent.

Yeah… they were like 13… i mean someone should raise their kids better…