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So this week means unique in lockdown?

So,i know this week is an Amazing week and Will be the most memorable day on JWA.but, isn’t this ruining the game?

You have 5 attemps on unique on Sunday.
You get 50 each 50×5=250(unique unlock) this ruining the game
This means you can get unique on badlands or lockdown without a single fusion,a single coin and way less DNA


Just to further pile misery on those of us seeing dinos four levels above our own in Lockdown.


If everybody is special (getting a free unique), then nobody is. I don’t see how it’s a problem when nearly everyone has the ability to get one.


In a word … yes.
There will be uniques in lower levels where there weren’t any before.

But that’s if everyone goes all out on one… and just as @Zendrexin pointed out… everyone gets the same opportunity to dart them.

The gamble becomes if single unique teams will have it be one of the 4 dinos drawn for battle.


Pick yours and make it worth it.

Btw, I don’t think most level 12-13 players will be able to get 50 per darting session…


Indeed. I remember my first darting on indoraptor when I was around level 9 or 10. It was the beginning of the game last year, I was super excited and ended with a very poor 19 dna sample haha :man_facepalming:t3:


But there have also been a lot of ingredient Dino in events. A smart player would have been stocking up on them and will not need to create a Unique, just get part of the job done darting one.

Look at all the Rex folks have received from the daily missions and events. Ankylo is now the daily mission reward. Velociraptor has been in several events. Now we get Kentro, Ankylo, Erlik (2nd recent event with it) as well as their Unique. Every time you get 10 on a dart, saves a lot of ingredient Dino DNA. So they do not need to get 250 on the Unique to be able to create it.

I am happy for them to be able to get one on their teams but sad also. Those that had to work hard hunting and battling for incubators (or purchasing them) to create them get to watch folks have one basically handed to them now. Kind of like what happened to PoGo. We worked hard for our monsters to stack those level 10 gyms with. Heck, folks played for over a year and did not have a Lapras or Dragonite. Gym rework and raids killed all that effort and ruined the game for many of us, they handed them out like Halloween candy to everyone… So we left.


I get your point but if you concentrate on one unique you already have then you can level it once or twice. While the rest will be stuck at lvl 21 for months. I guess it evens out

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Also I was so proud of my Dragonite once I got it after sooo long :sweat_smile:


I’m 13 and I’m gonna get erlidominus.
Even if I dont, I still darted the ones before.

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Same here… I got 23… :laughing:


Yeah people in the lower arenas that are lower level will struggle to get 250 dna out of 5 attempts on one unique. Most of these uniques have not been in the wild before so people won’t know where the dots will appear and how the dino will move which also adds to the complication of getting direct hits.

And, although some of these uniques will appear in more battles due to the event, they will pretty much stay at lvl 21 for a long time because the lower level arena players will be in no position to level them.

For a lower level player it’s not an easy task to get 50 on uniques.

Imagine if someone sign up for the game next week, and start encountering level 21 uniques at Fallen Kindgom! Ludia better have this type of special events every month or they can kiss new players goodbye lol


I was lucky been darting all day and got 51 I was amazed

Just as a reference. How much DNA do you usually get from an unique? Indoraptor is the one you may have darted the most, Tuoramoloch would be more adequate to compare pattern with erlidominus, thought.

I believe that those peeps that have superb accuracy will have the ability to unlock a dino. Most beginners aren’t gonna be able to aim well enough, not to mention the miniscule amount of DNA per dart on those lower levels. Everyone’s different tho. I’m on level 16, and I barely got 30-something for Utarinex. And that was when I had one direct hit. So it’ll be a wildcard for various people.

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A level 18 player gets 19dna for direct hits on uniques. I’m trying to level up before sunday to make it an even 20dna. Every single point counts exponentially when darting uniques. And pray that you don’t end up with the dreaded number 9.

Wonder how many of these people realize they can retry their attempts to get 50. My wife when she was probably level 8-10, on the very first indoraptor, managed 48 with non-vip on first try. Plenty of people should be able to do it with retries. If anything this is a reason to get VIP just for a month and then cancel it.


How can i retry?