So tired of consecutive criticals


I’ve seen people get more than 2 in a row. Heck, I’m lucky to get one even it comes from a lousy counter hit.


same here what about multiple stuns too


I just got hit by quadruple crits one after the other😫 lets just say it was a very quick battle


Yeah 3 to 5 every battle mostly by 5% crit chances…


RNG happens. I just got a full hp lvl 24 stegodeus destroyed by a 22 500+hp stegoceratops from stuns at 10%, 10%, 75%, 33%.

Is it irritating? Yes. Does it feel sucky? Yes. Does it really matter in the long run? No. It’s a game. If u feel tired stop battling. Nowadays I forget about trophy count, I forget abt the tournament n just battle for incubators. Lose 3x in a row? No prob. I will battle until I get my incubator slots full. No stress no frustration.