So tired of losing, not even enjoyable

How is anybody enjoying battling these days? I’ve lost around 500 trophies in less than 2 days. I went from Beaches to Lockwood in less than 48 hours. How? HOW!?!?! How do I go from being a competitive player with a solid team, to now feeling like I have no chance playing anymore. This battling is beyond atrocious, and I dont know a single person who is enjoying it.
Ludia, you are failing miserably, and you should be ashamed you let it get this bad.
Get rid of these poorly executed classes. Resilient is ridiculous. Cunning is useless. So many battles I start to play, I lose before even actually playing because RNG gave me zero resilient counters. And unless you have one, you have no chance of battling your way out. Terrible game play. Crits are for whatever reason extremely annoying lately. They’ve always been a part of the game. But lately, theres something up with them that is ticking me off a ton. Tough to explain that.


I feel you bud

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granted i haven’t battled in the arena since reset.


My wifes F2P account is 120 trophies ahead of mine.
I play both. LOL
It’s just RNG.
Just grind on through to keep the incs running.
Ludia has to fix it eventually and the coins add up.


just thinking…

this is the overall jwa feeling, you never get to feel like you are really winning. 10 fuse, unfair match-ups, new dino + new boosts = loose many battles in a row…

you actually only have the illusion you can affect what happens but you cant affect much since its so much rng. this game is very much like a slot machine only you are led to believe you can control the outcome better because you have some more buttons you can push and numbers you can play with

so who wins?

seriously who wins? is there a lot of bots? someone has to win a lot because so many players loose so often… if loosing/winning was 50/50 it wouldnt feel like you are always loosing, like it does now.

do any of you feel like you win a lot? there has to be a balance, a loss to one player must give a win to another player. so many players must win often. unless there are many bots.

maybe the ai battles are just a feint, they are intentionally super easy so noone will suspect the arena is crowded with bots that have much better ai.


This has hit me hard since 2.2

My creatures only crit when it’s unnecessary, and I get crit by 5% chance monolometrodons regularly. RNG is the worst


Go down to Sorna Marshes. I now use a team average level 16-17 and face teams averaging about 19-20; the people who stack boosts on one LVL 25+ do still show up, but not often. More players in this arena, but also more variety.

True, I can’t play my uniques without upsetting the balance going on and I leave some of my biggest legendaries behind, but the fights are close and therefore, dare I say, enjoyable. For the most part.

Honestly I just like to see my dinosaurs in action.

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This, I think answers @BIGISLAND21’s question almost perfectly. Loads of people who used to be above him (Gyro and Beaches) who are unhappy with the recent changes (anyone can battle anyone in Beaches) and therefore they stay out. This pushes everyone else down already, but then more and more people are affected by this so they drop their teams so they can have fun at a lower level and thus the spiral continues.

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The expectation for 2.4 is bigger than I think ludia knows, if it doesn’t deliver then I can see this game continuing downhill, the overall dissatisfaction at many levels from balance to communication show’s here on the forum & that’s just a fraction of the players.


I enjoy battling

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Battling is straight up a chore at this point, idk why I even play anymore. I sink boosts into a dino, then they nerf it next update. It’s like they have no idea how to even make an enjoyable game.

Also pls get rid of the 15 min incubator, it’s so useless.


I think the real trick is that while I find battling with level-appropriate or slightly-disadvantaged teams, not everyone defines ‘fun’ in the same way - hence why I see people still doing the whole “massive monster” dino mixed with abysmally low-level ones to get matched against the rest of us.

Incentive alone isn’t enough to fix this issue; they need to change the arena mechanics themselves.

I’ll give you free wins if you:
1.) draw Dio v Dio
2.) draw Grypolyth… at all
3.) crit one-shot my opener
4.) (sometimes) get matched with me

I think I stole everyone’s “luck” with Grypo. Before I replaced her with Hadros, she was on EVERY match I had, save for like one or two out of twenty. Seriously, I very nearly posted here to see if my game had glitched.

Although, my Grypo had 4khp and routinely got OHKO’d, so there’s that. She was often a few takedown for people.

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i gave up on pvp donkeys ago…if the monthly was even remotely good i would hunker down buth that went the way of the…well …you know :stuck_out_tongue:
as for matchups after the fake update grypo for me is a bit better except everytime i get him here comes a rambo(monmo) or a magna(miami vice) or other rend hating creatures oh or thor or mortie and i just get one shot
as for dio (dino name by the way is dark helmut:) )
yeha thats a pain but if they draw an erlik or erli i smile :stuck_out_tongue:
teh game does feel off off blalnce but as long as i ge tthe odd incubator i don’t care weher ei end up… i do feel sorry for the poor sods in the lower ranks i get matched with though…sometimes…until they yawn or use good luck…then i smash them :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just fought a 29 monolorhino in the library, which took me an hour to get out of via nonstop battling. The stupid shores idea has horrendously affected everyone and will continue until they fix it. The shores issue has to be addressed


If I hadn’t lost so much due to Ardentis critting, and other dinos critting, and me missing my stuns a lot of times, I’d probably be at like 6200+ at least, at this point I’m shocked if I even hit shores

Here is my thought:
This month is a crap season with a bleh reward so many players have decided to.avoid Shores and began using experimental teams then switch up their main to farm.their incs when the alliance demands it or they feel they wanna go sleep so need a quick 8h to appear.

As for enjoying PvP, its gotten better than 2 months ago mainly because I had a revamp of my team and decided to join the swap side. Dun like PvP since its still a zero sum game.

30/30 needs to go. So does the Shores change. They’re killing any sense of progression. I haven’t had an even matchup in so long - it’s all wreck or be wrecked.