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So Tiros (Spoilers ahead, read at own risk)

Sooo… I’ve matched with Tiros and um… definitely didn’t expect a freaking centaur! I’m all for fantasy romance and stuff, but the second date took a turn to the sexy times and I just can’t. Like how would it even work better a centaur and a human…


I think that the whole story is utterly ridiculous and the fact that ‘centaur love’ is basically beastiality didn’t float my boat at all.

But… because it’s all so silly, I actually found it very amusing and had a lot of fun with his story.

I didn’t select the premium option on the second date though so not sure what happened there. But I definitely don’t want a horse shlong anywhere near my nooni.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I just started a match with him however my app reset, I had 15 matches and. ow it made me restart and I am back up to 3 same people with convos I had before however I just started his story I’m not quite there yet but thanks for this maybe I’ll choose it on the second option and see what happens and come back and tell u…lol

I’ll choose it on the second date and let you kno…lol

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I was wondering the same thing. I am not sure exactly how this would work. The story is hilarious.

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I also didn’t pick the premium option when things went in that direction because it was definitely not for me, but the entire story was amusing that aside. As for “centaur love” try not to think about the technical details of that too much… It’s not pleasant no matter which way you try to solve that one.