So uh, whenever I get the dominator league pack, how come I don’t unlock it? Is it a glitch?

Whenever I get the dominator league pack, I don’t unlock the event creature. Is it a glitch? Do you have to be level 50 or above to unlock it? Sone please explain to me.

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Did u even get the creature? because if u didn’t get the creature it means u went back down to predator but if u got the creature but didn’t unlock it I think its a glitch


If you got it in the spin wheel, it’s one copy. You won’t unlock until the end of the tournament in dominator league


It was a bracketed tourney and you were in the lower division


It was a VIP tourney. You only get one copy in VIP tourneys

If it was none of these, send a ticket to Ludia


@Atlas-Destroyer If you are below level 60 you can’t unlock the creature

If it is a regular tourney, you should unlock it ( unless you finished in a league lower than Dominator ).

@Atlas-Destroyer is it regular tourneys ? Your message implies you finish in Dominator every time and bracketed and VIP tournament’s don’t come by every day.

As many others have said, you got one of the packs by: getting extremely lucky and getting it on the spin wheel, winning a REGULAR tournament, winning a BRACKETED tournament, or winning a VIP tournament.

Bracketed tournaments are a bit confusing. They have something called divisions, one for levels 12 to 59, and the other being anything above 60.

Out of these ways, you do not unlock if: it is a vip tournament, if you get it on the spin wheel, or if you are in the lower division, level 12 to 59, of the bracketed tournament.

On the other hand, if you are in the higher division of the bracketed tournament, level 60+, or if you win a regular tournament, you unlock the creature.

On the daily schedule posted by ludia, you can see it clearly saying “bracketed tournament” or just “tournament”.

If you finished in 60+ for a bracketed, or dominator in a regular tournament, and you don’t get the unlock, it is a glitch, and can be solved by contacting either the support email or support in game.

Hope this helped, good luck in tournaments!


I finished in dominator league in the gryposuchus and tsintaosaurus but I didn’t unlock in the market. I only got one copy of the creature.

OHHHHHHHH! I GET IT NOW. I unlocked it in a bracketed division that’s why I didn’t unlock it. It’s stupid how you have to be level 60 or above to unlock the creature


I agree… but it gives lower players satisfaction of winning :slight_smile:
For example, bracketed higher division needs you to begin with around lvl 15 vip ferocity, whereas some ppl win lower division with lvl 40 rares.

Happy to clear up some confusion :slight_smile:


I recommend you to be patient.
I unlocked indominus from fusion by myself.

In the meantime, spinoraptor and carnoraptor will serve you well and they can be fused to s-hybrid.

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