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So uh… y’all got any more of them boost shuffles?

Cool to have just had a second one, but honestly, every 6 months is kind of a drag. And it really shows over the course of these past two patches especially for a few reasons…

  1. A long weekend to experiment is weird because there’s a lot of meme builds out in PVP just for the lolz and also for the tournament the both the shuffles have curiously fallen on. So you don’t get an authentic feel for the arena during the window, making it difficult to find true confidence in your decisions.

  2. As the shuffle usually follows a patch, unless you are a P2W whale or happen to have huge stock on particular DNA due to being a long time player or something, it’s hard to bank on even adding a brand new creature to your team if your team average is way above their unlock level, and if you hold your boosts, you usually sacrifice your trophy high score until you do, which promotes dropping and clogging up the arenas.

  3. With due respect to the game’s development team, we have received some neat new mechanics like flocks, and wild new creatures into the mix like the Scorpius Rexes, who came after the shuffle, so for the majority of the player base it sucks not being able to play with the shiny new toys at their full potential for such a long time, considering there’s usually 6 updates worth of creatures in between each shuffle.

  4. Adding to that, before anyone says that “you should’ve planned accordingly” the meta has the potential to shift at any given patch, thus any good decisions you make at the time can be taken from you at will, so no matter what, you are at the mercy of the developers at all times.

All of this being said, I believe there should be some action to make shuffling boosts around easier than waiting 6 months or taking such a harsh penalty. Maybe not a full shuffle every month, but 1 creature a month free or via a hard cash exchange, etc.

You developers work hard to design fresh creatures all the time for us… don’t you want to see more of us use them? For diversity’s sake and the much needed end of stagnancy, let’s make something happen.


Boost shuffles bi-weekly to coincide with advantage tourneys!! :joy:

Jokes aside though I do agree more frequent shuffles would make the game much more enjoyable. Would help keep things fresh, let’s you experiment with more things that maybe aren’t prime meta (not just during the shuffle - if I knew I could revamp my team in 2 months or whatever regular foreseeable interval I’d be more willing to go out on a limb with something), and just the actual fun of playing with “meme” builds during the shuffle itself.

I think this really would add a lot of excitement and retain engagement with the game. And there’s definitely no forseeable end to needing more boosts either way, so that argument holds no water. In a two to three month span, there would be 8-14 tourneys of various compositions, so you’d still need a huge amount of boosts to have everything fully boosted for those + arena + raids.

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I know that this has probably been suggested, but I think Shuffles should happen maybe mid-way through an update? It’s still every two months, but just a month into the new one so that we get some time to play with the new creatures and get a feel for what we like.

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Yes! Something I forgot to address was that more frequent shuffles or new versions of them would also encourage hunting and grinding, as opposed to promoting apathy like “why even level this thing, I’m stuck with this team for half a year and the meta might even change by the time I get to use it.”


Agree, with the new flocks plus the new rex’s now, i think its time for another reshuffle BUT not during a tournament.

Too many changes in the last month makes it so we need a boost reshuffle, like said before, it will encourage people to hunt more so more people can actually boost all the new dino’s that they want cause its a slap in the face now seeing all these new pretty dinos and can’t boost them cause we already don’t have so many boosts :frowning:

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