So um... About Gyrosphere

I had to post and share this run with everyone, just because of how hilarious and ridiculous it was. I needed like 16 more LP for a TH trade so I decided to get it via Gyrosphere, and the game rewarded me big-time. By far the best Gyrosphere draft I’ve ever had in terms of overall ferocity, though I did once have 2 Indoraptor Gen 2 level 30s in one Gyro run. Ludia, I’m not complaining but… maybe you’re going to want to lower Gyrosphere draft variance a bit? :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t think my weakest dino is supposed to oneshot Stage 1…

P.S. To give you an idea of how insane this draft was, look at this.

I passed up an Indoraptor in draft because it was too weak. I repeat, I passed up an INDORAPTOR GEN 2 because it was too weak.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: All it needed was one more level

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I wish that they did a cheaper gyrosphere for 100 bucks where you can get a chance of a copy of a elusive super rare or legendary, I enjoy the gyro battles but I dont enjoy paying 250 for a common hybrid…

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