So umm guys?


So like do we find this in the wild?


The text looks like good old Latin … and the stats are pretty amazing.

If we ever reach LV 99 one day? And how much Gold would you need? :rofl:


I don’t know what everything else means but “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet” gives away that it’s placeholder text. “Lorem Ipsum” is a form of jumbled up version of Latin, the sentence you see is a jumbled up Latin version of de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum. I remember this stuff from a class but I don’t remember what it translates to.


Great the games got demons :joy::joy::joy::joy:


XD That is awesome, lol! But it looks like another glitch. Try closing the game, maybe force stop the app, then reopen and you should be fine.


Yeah, the weird untranslatable Latin phrase is slightly disturbing. Just pray it doesn’t go full-on “Event Horizon”, repeating “salvate me” over and over, opening portals to blood-covered rooms in our homes, and unleashing demonic hordes.