So we are back to this again?

I thought this was fixed. I guess not. It is not my internet connection either. I have 5 bars of service on my 4GLTE.

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Hey SicilianBeast, I’m sorry to see that you’re having this issue again. Could you try turning your mobile network off and on and see if that gets you past the error? If possible, try connecting to a WiFi network and see if that helps.

Yesssssss… If you don’t have the tools to make a game work or just think about earning, you should do something else. What do I know… Go play on the highway… :cry::cry::cry::cry:I’ve tried everywhere professor : it always goes so mobile or wifi (at home I have 100mb/s fiber)… Ok

This and a couple others have returned from 3.1 & 4.1.

Here is a new one I keep getting.



Ok I restarted my phone entirely. Now it is working. Thanks for getting back to me @Ned


I’m glad to hear that it’s working again! :smiley:

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I get that error too. I have perfect service and it’s just random. Of course turning your phone off and back on or toggling airplane mode will fix the issue because you are disconnecting from your network settings. This is not a fix. Sitting there tapping reconnect enough will finally get it back on or sometimes it’s just faster to relaunch your app. It’s not a phone or network issue. It’s an issue with the app.

I too get the app must restart because an update message. I figure maybe it did get a quick update to fix a bug or something as the update is still fresh.

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