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So we can prepare in advance for the coming newest dinosaur additions


So does any of you fine know or at least somewhat of a close guesstimation as to what levels exactly all the mid and lower level players should be focusing on leveling all the “ingredient dinos” need/should be sitting at so once the new dinos are released we can instantly begin fusing them to make them??? I.e. need to level them to at least lvl 15 or lvl 20 etc. etc.


It’s gonna be the same as it’s already is. Epics at 10. Legendary at 15. Unique at 20


No, I know that! I’m talking about what level do I need to bring the epic Koola to (since he’s an ingredient now) and whatever new legendary that will make up as the 2nd ingredient, that will eventually help us to create the new unique 4 legged dino that is to be released soon. Should I level my eoic Koola to lvl 15 or lvl 20 so that I can prepare/be all set to go and begin creating the unique??


What 4 legged unique?


Go check out this game’s Facebook page and scroll thru till it shows you the outline of ALL the newest dinos to be released soon.


It shows that an epic Koola and some other brand new Legendary dino (that is also coming out with the rest) will be the 2nd ingredient into making some HUGE really big and thick four legged dinosaur that is a unique. At least I’m pretty damn sure it’s a unique. I mean I doubt Ludia would only give us two new uniques that are only flyers. That would seem stupid. Darwin & that Hazeltopyx (sp?) flyer are two ingredients that will be used to create the first ever flying unique. Just like Monomimus and something else are the ingredients to help make another unique flyer.


I can’t find this. Could you show a picture?


Yeah I’ve been trying to but my screen is cracked and it’s not letting me press the button to bring up my files for my photo album right now. Give me a sec to hard restart my iPhone X really fast and I’ll send one immediately I promise.


I still dont get what you mean. But lets suppose you’re right and there will be a unique four legged. Why dont you just wait a few days until the update (probably gonna be this monday) to make a decision.


this is all the info we have on the new dinos



That’s just the Koola legendary, no unique.

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I stand corrected but at least I was half righ just in the wrong order bout them lol don’t judge me I’m an unfortunate victim of insomnia 3 weeks straight. Lol


What the hell is a scolosaurus exactly??? I’ve nevsr heard of that one before (even if it is a newly made up dinosaur.)


It’s an Ankylosaur. It is a real dinosaur lol. :stuck_out_tongue:


So now that that’s all sorted back to OP’s (me) original question. What level do I need to have my epic Darwin and legendary Monomus at so that I may begin fusing. 15’s?? 20’s??? What do you all think??




i already answer you this. If you want to creat an unique, both ingredients must be at lvl 20. For a legendary at lvl 15. for an epic at 10


Soooo Scolosaurus will basically have a gen 2 Ankylosaurus body with a REALLY HUGE Koola head/mouth. That’s fracking going to look really ate up and bizarre if that’s true.