So... What are boost tokens?

That “first iteration” of boost tokens seemed to only happen once back in March in the IndoT championship. And we were told there would be more ways to obtain them in the future. Some players are still stuck with the same creatures and get drawn back from battling, making PvP and somewhat advantage tourneys worse than they already are with the matchmaking involved. I sadly don’t see tourney matchmaking possibly getting a change. But it’s surely making PvP worse. And not having boost tokens also limits what you build even more being stuck with creatures and if you’re f2p, then boosts get very scarce. And with all of this powercreep, you expect people to use the same dinos repeatedly until they get enough boosts to add another dino onto their team? It’s drawing back the main purpose of the game. Not just collecting but any sort of player vs player battle mode in general. Whether that be tourneys, arena, even raids since you have to find people with boosted raid dinos and you have to build at least one yourself and hope others have built up dinos of the same raid strategy you’re using. And the sad thing about this is that with enough money spent, those specific paying players don’t have this issue, or at least mostly better for them than it is even slight paying players AND f2p players. In a game, everyone should have fun. Not just some people. This is the current state of the game.
So anyway, what even are boost tokens? because I, or should I say, all of us, don’t seem to remember what they are. In fact, what is this made up term I’m even speaking of?


Spot on. I had completely forgotten that tokens existed.
For me the game doesn’t allow to reset your boosts at all. It’s been longer than a year this way, I think. Since the last big reset. Don’t expect any changes. I just play 2 years old creatures on my team…


I guess tokens don’t make as much money as selling boosts.


Exactly, like we got it once and like never again, two championships and no tokens……guess as @TheAngrySuchomimus said, ain’t bring in the $.


Even then, if they did try to sell them as much as all these imperato and rexy offers, that would just be even more disgusting.

So anyway, when and what will be the next iteration? Lol.


I’ve got around the problem by not boosting any of my creatures I play in PvP so I have a big choice and can interchange creatures out from match to match. I go up and down a few hundred trophy’s depending on my team but generally stay within a reasonable range.

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We really need these tokens to be given out more often, we’ve waited for so long for a reset and we didn’t get one, instead we get these tokens for… just this once? Really? Really feel like these tokens are a once in a lifetime thing…
Also we really should have gotten a reset/reshuffle 1 last time when they introduced the tokens but Ludia :upside_down_face:


Boost tokens are a one time thing.

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Boost tokens were basically a mythical QOL product that mainly functioned to get the player base to shut up about boost resets and shuffles. They were more than likely never intended to actually be a consistent part of the game and my best guess is Ludia never figured out a good way to monetize them to maximize profit.

In the meantime they succeeded with the main goal. No one has made a thread asking about a boost shuffle since the big lie was told.


That’s because Ludia said that there will never be boosts shuffle after the introduction of tokens.


Boost tokens are a nerfed version of a boost reset (that almost never happened)


We all been tricked… To figure out what we are talking about try to fight an Albertocevia with a older dino even if boosted. Idk if somebody still buy anything, I blocked vip also. No point to go on


I believe there’s a twisted perception over us players, as we were expendable or fools. As each new update is release, coins and boosts are thrown away. People who can afford buying things in the store are becoming scarse, let alone the fool ones. Ludia should recognise the tokens system has failed utterly and give players a boost reshuffle every 2 or 3 months, given the time most creatures become obsolete.

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This impacts even the VIP players who don’t spend big money on the exclusive ingredients and boosts.

The excitement of the arena is, and has been, gone for a long time. The current pace of power creep and exclusive Dino’s makes it impossible to keep up. By the time players in Gyro and above have leveled and boosted these Dino’s with exclusive ingredients, they are already powercrept and are stale. There’s not been an exciting Dino with all huntable ingredients since… Indot? SR3?

I’ve been saying for a while, I would quit if not for my alliance, hoping all the while that someone at Ludia would realize they will lose even the whales when the thousands of VIP players getting shafted have had enough of the “bait-and-switch” exploitation they pay $10/month for…