So what are you doing while quarantined?

I’ve officially been out of work since March 20th. Thankfully its a temporary layoff. Its still getting boring though.

The pups and I have done some stuff. We’ve gone on hikes, long walks in my neighborhood (we found something we’ll never forget), I’ve done work in my yard. Run gigs scents when ever I could and even played with my own personal dinosaurs, who have had some stare offs with my cats. :laughing:
Also had a nice Bonfire!

I’ve been playing games too. If you play on the ps4, feel free to send me a PM for my psn. I play Apex Legends, Cod: Warzone, and Red Dead 2 right now. :slight_smile:

Here are some snapshots of my daily life while social distancing. I also made myself a chocolate chip cookie dough milkshake.


I’m working from home. so much harder than i thought it would be to keep focused on work.

The beardie is being a spoilt princess and refusing to eat unless i hold it in front of her. :laughing: Trying to get her to stop that and eat on her own. She did today, if only for a little bit.

in my spare time, I’ve play animal crossing for a nice relaxing break.


My mother is able to work from home. She said the same thing.

My sister does Home Care, so she is still working since she’s technically in a medical field.

My leopard gecko had been spoiled, so has my ball python.




Working from home but not in lock down…yet. actually getting much more done. Still do my 6 to 8km walks each morning with the dog and dart some dinos. Giga scents at night. I could get used to this. lol


I like to make my own jewelry (as a hobby) and I have been wanting to venture into resins. I was thinking about that doing that today, but then as I was looking out the window and seeing how windy it was (it’s a UV resin), I thought it might not be such a good idea. Lol :laughing:

I do try to take photos when I can. Mostly sunsets. :sunrise:

I am thankful that at least I am able to get out every now and then enjoy things like this. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been off work for a week and looks like 2 more. I’m not quarantined luckily. But since I’ve been off I’ve been playing destiny 2 sun up to sun down lol. I just bought the dlc for it a week or 2 before the layoff. I’ve had the game but I knew how bad I was stuck on the first one so I held off. But I don’t have ps+ so I’m grinding the offline stuff catching up on 2 years.

Still go get my coins and hunt and do event dinos. This is the first week in forever I shot all commons and rares and got scolo and rare rhino, the ones I wanted. Tomorrow lll get the dumb turtle. Not going to use it in battle team but it’s park locked. I need ankylosaurus more though.


You’re in KY too, right?

I used to play Destiny way back when. Sadly I got bored with it.

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Not battled for more than 10

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Yup I’m in KY.

I played destiny 1 for like 6 months and nothing else. Would do the raids 3+ times each week for my characters and help whoever needed it. Kept max light and gear.

Then destiny 2 came out and I wasn’t impressed. My fire team kind of broke up so I didn’t have a raid team anymore. So I didn’t get much into it. For some reason I just decided to play it and I did a starter mission for ShadowKeep. I enjoyed it so I bought the dlc for that and forsaken. Been playing catch up. I’ve got 2 characters about where they need to be before I need to get back online for strikes and raids. But it’s gonna suck being a noob at all these raids. There’s a lot in this game.


Been out of work since 3/16… i have a huge back log of games i had been planning on making some progress with when the idea struck me i had never actually gotten a character to 120 in bfa… so its been mostly wow and animal crossings for me lately. That along with the new borderlands 3 dlc…


I played destiny 1 for a while, I did enjoy playing as the warlock(?), had fun with the Palpatine Hands. :laughing:


It’s homework homework and HOMEWORK! Still have time to play. Love the bigger range


What am I doing? Ahh im glad you asked mate, you see ive actually have been feeling a bit iffy for the last couple weeks in terms of my throat and a persistent but mild headache and claggy throat though not sore per say, and suspect I actually had one of those near asymptotic cases of corona, because I have been checking my temperature four times a day for over a month (namely due to paranoia), and been logging it on a file on my MacBook.

1 week ago my temperate was at 36.9 degrees (JUST under the 37 to be considered a temperature), and for a week it hovered in the mid to high 36’s. Well 2 days ago it dropped to 36.3, and as of just now, its at 35.8.

As for what im actually doing with my time, ive not been playing any games like JWA or Ark due to the annoying headache, as looking at screen makes it worse, but I have taken the time to have my puppets start talking about political subjects, which I wont mention here because the mods will give me life in the forum electric chair lol.

I am planning to also get back into C++ programming again as a hobby, which should be good to kill some time.

But mainly ive been watching movies about viral outbreaks so I can learn the best ways to survive the incoming zombie apocalypse…I mean today it starts with the mindless hoarding of toilet paper, and tomorrow they will be knocking down your toilet paper fortress trying to steal your juicy juicy hand sanitiser stockpile!

Also been planning to release a Corona safety video which im collecting a little footage on my phone, to show ppl what to avoid touching, such as hand rails on escalators and such. Hopefully can work on the video soon.


Oh but Australia isn’t yet under a full quarantine yet, but virtually all stores other than essential things are closed, as are beaches and gathering in groups, and birthday parties and BBQ’s are also banned…well the actual mass gathering, not the cooking itself, so we are semi locked down but it looks like we are going to phase 3 lockdowns soon.

I have been taking daily walks to get fresh air while I can though, as I might not have the chance later.

I have to travel on public transport each day which I do hate coz im paranoid about others, but thankfully due to most shutdowns the buses for the most part have very few ppl, so its easy to spread out.

Just don’t touch hand rails, buttons on elevators (use a tissue barrier or something), don’t press buttons on buses, instead opt to call out to the driver for the next stop and so forth…basically anything that masses of people touch? think of them as filthy public toilet seats for now, and avoid touching entirely!


Plan A) Construction is considered an essential service.
My friend and alliance rival David comes and picks me up and I spin between work sites.

Plan B) I make a break for the city limits with a jar of Prego, spaghetti and 4 pack of toilet paper in the passenger seat in an unmarked plastic bag.
Shopping is my cover story.
So far so good.


I’m working from home. My new fluffy co-worker judges me from her tower and gives me evil looks when I disturb her sleep.

My kiddos’s daycare is still open and only a block from the house so I get to enjoy a lovely morning walk with them every morning.

I run Giga scents while I’m working and just leave my game open (and the phone plugged into a charger). I check it when I hear the buzz. I ignore about 80% of the spawns but I did manage to get enough rare turtle to do this:

Screenshot_20200327-183540_JW Alive

My oldest turns 5 next week and we’re sad he won’t get a big birthday party with his friends so we’re trying to plan something special for him that we can do from home.


Hahaha yeah that’s how I feel using tgff egg n too. Warlock is my favorite character followed closely by the hunter.

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I did like some of the outfits. So flowy on the Warlocks.

@Piere87 That’s gotta be rough for your son, does he understand why he can’t have the birthday he wants with his friends? :frowning:

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Yeah he knows it’s because “we don’t want to spread germs and get people sick”. We’re hoping to have a big bash this summer when this (hopefully) blows over. For now, it’ll be a cupcake and presents at the house haha. My MIL is immune compromised and high risk so she can’t even come.