So what are you gonna do Ludia?

A legendary needed lvl 20 Dino’s to fuse and then a unique only needed 150 dna to be created. Due to this many people lost dna in over levelling Dino’s and many got benefitted from less requirements for unique. So my question is very clear. How are u gonna compensate for over levelling and what will be done for people who couldn’t create at low requirements?

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Wasn‘t it just a graphic glitch? Or did the lucky ones seriously only need 150 DNA for an Unique?

Pretty sure you could unlock it at 150

No, it was actually a lowered amount to make Aredentis, for whatever reason it said 150 to create and that’s how much it actually took for that small amount of time.

that’s bad. To be fair, it should be left permanently on the Dino on 150 DNA

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Previous precedent set they won’t do anything. Megalosuchus used to need only 50 megalo dna per fuse. They updated it to 200 even though many people already created and leveled it.


It has been stated in various Threads here that you can reach out to support to get compensated if you overleveld your stuff for Pteraq. Just read one of the 20 other Topics about this.

What about the unique? Shouldn’t everyone get the chance at 150 or no one should

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The overleveling will be fixed, but the 150 unique was badically a 100 uniwue dna gift for people that played quickly enough.
1 shot at tenontorex would disbalance arena, but at least everyone got the chance, this is worse.
Ive asked a bunch of ludia people with tags, but no replies so far…

@J.C @Ned

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mostly because we don’t have a reply to give yet

I think nobody was able to create that unique with just 150.
I saw that in a video. “Not enough DNA” was shown even after you got Maximus to 150.

I got to 140. Still thinking about that last 10 fuse.

Same I am at 140. And the last fuse was 10

But it was, not enough was displayed after the fix.

In the video I saw the the DNAs needed to create Maxima was 150. Even after it reached 150 the person was not able to create it.

im not denying the existence of the video, but that happening in thís case isnt proof for all the resr, as multiple people can attest to

is there something to be said about it now? ^^ @J.C

There have been people on here that said they created it while it was at 150.

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Is that so? I don’t know then. But the guy in tje video was never able to create it.

Yeah i recall atleast one person stating creating ot for 150 was a consolation prize for leveling the legendary hybrid components to 20.

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This is the video I told.
Thing I mentioned happens in 1:00.