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So what are your plans for a day without event dinos?

As for me, I think I’ll rediscover my first love and catch pokemon.

You see, event dinos (plus the rewards you can collect from green stops - coins/cash/scents) are a powerful incentive to go out and collect DNA and getting good exercise (walking, biking) while doing so. But without any special dinos to hunt it’s not nearly as interesting. Actually, it’s a welcome relief to get some rest from the pursuit of event dinos (which normally you wouldn’t want to miss, right?) which allows us to reconnect with other activities or hobbies.

I never dreamed I could be a gamer, then along came Pokemon Go and took me by surprise. I was a very dedicated player (the day I hit 40 was a great one). I never dreamed that any game could be more fun than PoGo, which inspired me to exercise daily and connect with the local community. Then along came JWA… and turned me into a casual PoGo player overnight.

Now I do the bare minimum in PoGo (daily catch/spin streak, occasional raid, community day) and spend most of my gaming time playing JWA… collecting, PVP, alliance activities, etc. But I’m beginning to feel unappreciated - instead of adding more events (as Niantic seems to do daily… every time I open the app they announce something new) Ludia is taking them away. Does this mean this game is going the way of the dinosaurs?

I sure hope not, as I love this game, and don’t want it to go away. But maybe it’s time to reconnect with my first love… and catch some of these new pokemon whose names I don’t even know.

TL/DR: What are you doing today, on a day without event dinos?


Not playing JWA for sure. I’ve done my daily battles, incs are filled, daily missions are done…probably open POGO or maybe even look for a new game to download and try.

The risk is that I may open JWA tomorrow and then again I may not.


As I’m living in Europe, I actually have no day off, because “JWA Wednesday/Friday” starts 15 hours into my Wednesday/Friday and I’m still able to dart Event Dinos and cap on coins/cash/scents from green drops even on the “off days” - from 2 a.m. (stat reset) until 3 p.m (dino/drop reset).

It’s probably a bit unfair for people in/near JWA original timezone, who would have to got out late at night in order to achieve that.

I am surely not playing PoGo instead. I always “wondered” why I was playing that in the first place and haven’t started it once since playing JWA (being a well equipped lvl40 account)…. :wink:

Still, If there are no event dinos, maybe you wanna grab your scents and go to a different local area for a grind on Dinos you need and don’t see that often.

just another “i’m not playing today because ludia is stupid and it curbs my anger slightly to threaten to quit even though we all know i won’t” post

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I played Pokemon go back when it was gen 1 pokemon. Once that changed I quit xD Got bored way too fast. And I only know gen 1.

Then this game came along and I haven’t been able to stop. Back when I started you could only get weekly event dinos from parks. I think the current schedule is decent. However, they need to add more strike towers during the week. Todays was fun but too hard for my team.

My plan is to hunt and dart all the dinos I can for the alliance and hopefully find some good ones for me.

I hope Magna is one of the easter dinos xD


Unusually I want the common dino’s don’t see many Stegs normally. So when the event starts 3pm UK time I’ll actually be quite buzy and again Friday morning.

But on a normal Dino week. Well I’ve stopped playing before but this time wasting quite nice weather for walking.

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I’m just playing the game anyway. I’d rather have dinosaurs of the day but for now, I just collect DNA and work on the daily missions as I would anyway.

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I have other games to keep my attention today. Although taking away content from this game has improved my productivity at work. …

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I recommend Dragalia Lost. Extremely F2P friendly, lots of content, no frustrating PvP . There is co-op PvE instead. It’s a completely different kind of game than this one, though. The community is very friendly as well.


This is the best warning message to Ludia.
No player, no game.


I would be playing POGO, as I’m trying to give it another shot. However, I am out of Pokeballs and no where near a Poke Stop… :disappointed_relieved:


Interesting perspective on how players in different time zones are affected… overall, you will still be missing two days of event dinos like everyone else.

As for scents, I use them - but only when I’m out going after event dinos. Otherwise not worth it to me.


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I never said I would quit, only play much less on the days without event dinos (no reason to go out and look for them)… which is a good time to rediscover old hobbies and games (PoGo especially).

But I would rather go after rare Irritator (or velociraptor, etc.) at event stops, though.


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Another day of darting what I can under the desk at work lol! I will be able to set the phone down and continue my prepping to paint the living room tonight which is ok. A foot of snow predicted for tomorrow into Friday so those attempts may not happen with a one day window.


I’m going to do the epic strike event, max SD coins and cash… and then catch up on house cleaning and financial admin stuff that I have let slip, (In all seriousness, I really did let the chores go a bit.) Friday? Finish King of the Hill Season 11.
I won’t go back to pokemon go till someone figures out the maps.
Trying to be first on the scene for a 100% brought a totally different aspect to Pokemon go.
Everyone knew everybody’s cars.

I’m gonna do a little painting, maybe mend the torn pocket on a pair of pants.


Jeesh, I’m so glad winter is behind us in the midwest. Dont miss it at all, lol.

I’m in Minnesota and it was 62 the day before yesterday. I don’t get crabby easy, but this does it.

Ahh Minnesota, this obviously isn’t your first rodeo. :sunglasses:

I endured a few Boston winters before and that was enough to last me my whole life.

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All 4 seasons in one week lol :joy: sorry to derail a bit. I do hope the powers that be at Ludia reconsider this change as it obviously isn’t benefiting any of us and am certain the mission criteria won’t change to accommodate the lack of dna we are able to acquire. Guess all we can do is make the best of it.

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