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So what did u get


…on darting Uniques and also which did or will u hunt? Would be nice if u‘d show ur results here and share them with the community! :hugs:

I‘ll go after Dioraja cuz I got enough to fuse Tryko by myself in two weeks so yeah. ^^
I can‘t fuse Dioraja, so I‘ll use this chance. I know she‘s a benchwarmer, but first she looks awesome; second I‘m hoping for a minor buff and third I‘m a collector and gotta catch em all! :ok_hand:

Trykosaurus Darting

Great, not a single green cube in my area. Restarted app but nothing.
Will I have to leave the city and drive thru Germany for five Unique attempts now or what? :expressionless::expressionless:

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All event stops are empty here


Diorajasaurus is criminally underrated.
Granted, if she had +300 HP or a tiny bit more damage and +200 hp, she would be perfect, but she is still a beast in the right place to use it.

I am darting Erlidominus and Trykosaurus, so I can level those badboys up.


Plus, everytime they think they have you, just to swap Dio in, you can shout…


Take that allllll day long. First attempt!


Wow congrats u got skill!!! :slight_smile:
Really nice, I hope I‘ll dart 70-80 or atleast 50 per attempt.

Sooo jealous! :slight_smile:

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I’m going all “Alita” on the five attempts, I need at least 36 DNA in each shot


That’s really good for Tryko!!
Would have loved to see your darting video to get some tips on this beast!!
I am hoping for something around 120-130/ attempt.


144 on Dioraja. With luck, I‘ll dart 100 minimum at next tryy. Then I can ulock her and dart Tryko three times. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
I‘d need 54 DNA in three attempts or 87 DNA in two attempts minimum to unlock Tryko now. :slight_smile:

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Oh a wild Erliko spawn I can lvl Erlidom now. :wink:

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The arena will be brutal next week :frowning:


Honestly I suck at Trex so didnt expect it! Il maybe post a video later if it helps :slight_smile: at work now though im afraid!

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Yey Dioraja unlocked and three attempts on Tryko left. Gonna need 57 per try minimum to unlock her too. :3

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Same here!! I also do not do well on Trex or any random movement dinos like those of Spino family.
Checked one video of Tryko darting on FB. The bullseye looks very small and the darting spot is far apart on the body, though the dino movement seems smooth.

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It was alot easier than expected. May retry it till I can hit near enough 200! Think its possible! :slight_smile: good luck with your attempts!




I created Erlidom last week. 18 Erlikosarus.4 Erlidom. 1 left to do. Proud of my last dart.


Three Uniques in one week, this is the best week in JWA ever!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


It’s not that bad. I even missed the first direct hit.