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So what do the battle tiers actually mean


They show certain Dino’s for each range of battle trophies but I seem to always just get alanq and stygimoloch for epics. Hatezgopteryx and stygimoloch gen 2 for Commons. And the rares are so currently pointless also always being arambourgiania.
So what do being in certain tiers mean? Thought once you unlocked the next one it just added to the chance pool of what Dino’s can be in the incubator. Is this a bug or are the odds of getting anything else just that low?
Im at 4400 trophies and have gotten hundreds of incubators in this tier being hovering around this amount of trophies for awhile. But I have never once received erlikosaurus (epic) or deinocheirus (common) from an arena 9 battle incubator.
Just wondering what’s going on and what the reward tiers even mean.


You mean you have only been getting pretty much useless creature DNA?

I think they want you to spend real cash on buying more mostly useless premium incubators.

Maybe try that? Spend a few thousand and see what happens.

The system is broke, dude. It’s like they want us to either quit or spend big.

…and yeah, we all get stig2

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Buying incubators feels less rewarding and pointless once you are close to LVL 20 anyway…
Idk what ludia is thinking but it doesn’t seem to be working. I would feel more inclined to buy stuff if it meant something. But even epic incubators are meh

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