So, what do you have left?


Plenty of threads about “what do you have?”, I thought I’d start one about what you have left. This is all I have left to make. How about you? Honestly, at this rate I’ll probably only make a couple more of these. Most of them just seem impossible to me - tryko, thor, diloch, erlidom…





Grypolyth was the one I wanted most outta the update… of course it had to be the most difficult to obtain :expressionless:


Wow where you get diplodocus DNA?



The 5 step white strike gave some out… my one kid got diplodocus from it.


Today’s white strike tower?


I’d have grypolyth if it weren’t for lousy 10’s during fusing.

It’s interesting to be to see what people prioritize, and what DNA they can find to make hybrids with. I recently found a couple kentro and an ankylo, so if t Rex ever decides to show its face again I just may start tryko… but not holding my breath.


No, I think it was yesterday… maybe?
I lose track of days easily, but it def wasn’t today.


I did it today… but i think he is on to my tomorrow…i forget how tjat goes… lol… it was 5 steps and called a good defense.


Some seem impossible to get.


As I’m only concerned with collecting actual dinosaurs not hybrids (other than the two from the films) I have just Indoraptor, Darwindactylus and Diplodocus to collect.


Damn knew when I got random huge chunk of vrap I might be missing something else!


Was irritator more common in previous pathches or something? I have a couple uniques but my pyrritator isn’t even level 17 yet cuz I’m getting no irritator


This is what I have to collect.

Ourano is a myth. Amargo DNA long went to Trago, but now decided to make Giga as I’ll probably go to create Toura. Giraffa is extremly rare for me. Draco gen to was ignored for long time, but I’m close to start fusing Dracocera.


Just a little update. Burned a few epic scents this morning, and with the help of a 50 fuse Grypolyth is done


Havent seen the new flying epic and diplodocus yet


I have unlocked both Sino hybrid due to Sino events going on for two weeks. otherwise it was 15 left for my collection.