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So, what do you have left?



If you need giraffatitan / nodosauro / apatosauro to unlock nodopatotitan just ask, I would be glad to help you on this! :hugs:


Thanks but I already got her. Requeated some giraffatitan from alliance. Dino I am missing is this one:


As you can see, the only thing holding me back from most of these are coins.


Oh I see this is one of the two new dino of the update, I am missing too :sweat_smile: sorry for the confusion!



Wow took a while to find this post again! I have been turbo grinding a bit more time per day recently

Finally hit lvl 20 :sunglasses:


I’m stuck with most hybrids and Darwinopterous.


All the uniques except indo


Got some progress


I‘m slowly moving towards Thor, have to collect coins now to get Allo (19-20) and Tarbo (12-20 lol) up to lvl 20. I then will have enough DNA for 7 fuses.

Haven‘t seen or gotten Pyro and Raja DNA since weeks that‘s why I can‘t progress.


I love this post just checking in with progress in 2 weeks finished tenontrex and dilourach and started fusing dioraja 6 uniques down 5 to go


I’m close to start fusing some uniques, but still lots to go.


Guess which 3 dinos I never see or get in incubators.



What a difference a month makes. All the events have been really good to me, especially all the Sino and the recent dilophosaurus (and G2). Never imagined I’d get this far. I may have to try in the tournament now to get as much erlik as I can… Tryko still seems impossible though. Haven’t seen ankylosaurus in over 2 months.


This is what left me to create… I’m in local 4 so I’d suchotator would get a hybrid I will be happy but until then a lot of those unique are unattainable market because I cant spend hours outside too ^^’


Missed this thread first time round - good one :slight_smile:

Diorajasaur - only one unlocked and really want to carry on with it (looks so good) but all my Tuo is going into Tuoramoloch :frowning:

Erlidominus - Golden chicken is L18 455/500 - hopefully the new tourney will help unlock it

Grypolyth - Purrolyth L20 with plenty of DNA itself and with its components; Gryposuchus L19 226/50 - very close to unlocking

Trykosaurus - Ankyntrosaurus L19 190/250 - close to unlocking; have all the Anky I need but no Kentro (oh why did I have to accidently level it to 16?!? Why?!?)