So what do you think about thor cleasing before attacking?

  • i like it
  • i hate it

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It takes the one concrete thing that has kept Thor in check for years and just throws it out the window. It is literally the same problem that Mortem had and made it way too powerful against cunnings but worse since now resilients also have no way to stop it even flocks are just wiped since it’s a group move. Like ludia in what universe did you see this as balanced….like at all?!


Well,it’s just symptomatic of a developer who doesn’t care about his games anymore.
They removed it from mortem for the same reason and now put it back to thor.
If, I was mean, I would say that they want to make money about newcomers.


I feel this change was made last minute cause giga’s cleansing works as the description says cleansing after it attacks.