So what does a 4100 🏆 team look like?

I want some of the exclusives only offered to Jurassic Ruins members but I’m a cheapskate who won’t spend any :moneybag:to make it happen. I’m hovering around 3600 wondering how much better my team needs to be to get some of that top tier action. Is it even possible considering I only started playing week 7/8ish and I have a full time job and kids so can’t put in 25 hour days looking for Dino’s (although it’s the coins that stop progress now anyway).

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Currently sat at 4008. Yo-yo between 4000/4100. Spoofers and hackers every 1/3 games now though.


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This just shows barely any ‘normal’ players are going to get a 4000+ reward…
Your team looks ridiculously overpowered and you’re only just at 4000…

How an earth are normal players gonna get to that.

I think it’s ludia keeping winners down to a minimum, so they don’t have to give out much and just make the rich richer

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Hi Carl, in a good mood today I see :relieved:


As you’re well aware, no hahah

Il be the first to admit I’ve spent more than I’d care to admit on this game… but I’m miles off what some people have spent.

The tournament ends in what 17 days odd? Give it time and the trophies will stretch out. Definitely possible for ‘normal’ players to get to.
I was at 4700 pre reset.

Here it is.

Again, that little white button is ES File Explorer quick launch function.
I spend average 2~3 hours outside everyday to collect these DNA.

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I was at 4100-4300 pre tournament…
Stuck at 3800 now…
I don’t exactly have the best team, just hope all the cheats clear off up the leader board, so there is some actual skill involved


Honestly mate I don’t think your too far off getting to 4000. If it wasn’t for cheaters I’d comfortably be in arena 8 instead of just.

Might sound obvious but I’d focus on getting your stegod leveled up. Plenty of teams 4000 trophies and up with a team not too dissimilar to yours.

I’m gonna focus on that gigi thing instead of stegodeus for a while…
But just far to many cheats ruin this game

Uh, no.
Honestly, Gigaspika is nothing better than Stegodeus.
Superiority strike is too much powerful, also Stegodeus got high atk & hp.


Good point… Will stick to stego then


I unlocked Giga and he’s sat on my bench at level 16 ever since. Simply not good enough.

Stegod is the meta Dino in my opinion. My teams been wiped by level 25 stegod before.

Only 300 ish people in arena 8 at the moment once that goes up it’ll be easier to break into 4K

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One thing that we need to remember it’s not even a week since the reset. Since everyone was brought down to same level at 3500, lot of top players haven’t gone to the top yet. If you see the leaderboard, most of the players who are in top 50 (after ban) are different. Also, the team of top rankers are nothing extra ordinary.

My guess is the top players are still making their way up. As a result, we are facing higher number of strong players in the 3800 - 4200 range. Also, we need to remember that climbing the rank ladder is a slow process and it might be another week or so by when the actual top players are at the top.

The last few days of the tournament would be really interesting with people putting in their full (including money :wink: ) to reach/remain at the top.

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I was 4100 pre reset. Now 3500 - 3600, f2p
I keep bumping into full legendary teams and rng seems to only give me my lvl 15 dinos Every time and my Stegodues very rarely :frowning:

Im playin around 4200 rn

The monthly reset to 3500 is not a great system because for all players above to then move back up, someone else needs to loose trophies for them to gain.

don’t see allosaurus on a lot of top teams, but i guess whatever works

Ermm il take that tuojiangosaurus DNA off you … please :upside_down_face: