So what does a 4100 ๐Ÿ† team look like?

How do people have enough dna for both Irex and I raptor?? Iโ€™ve have 9 tries at I rex and Iโ€™m only on 120 out of 200

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I havnt even been started paramolach and my rajaky is only 17 lol

8000 DNA sat waiting ainโ€™t bad though! I leveled para up when he used to be good. Now heโ€™s god awful :joy: praying for a tuojian event next week!

Please help me understand how you know you are playing against a spoofer/hacker? Maybe I shouldnโ€™t know as it will probably upset me more.

Canโ€™t be sure but the name on this guy is a give away :joy:

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The last touji event I only did like 5 attempts. I just get them like crazy here (I literally saw a trex a block away and got 2 toujis on the way to it 5min ago) :joy:


So many stegodeusโ€™s, worst op dino in the game :grimacing:

iโ€™ve noticed once youโ€™re at 3900+ trophies now, a lot of people start with trykosaurus or tryostronix, predicting you are going to start with stegodeus. a while back, every game started stegodeus vs stegodeus.

Iโ€™m currently here with this team. Iโ€™m taking my time doing battles because Iโ€™m waiting for some free offers to pay up so I can level up more of my team.

Youโ€™ve got a the majority of players stuck with level 16 to 21 dinosaurs right now. We are all trying to claw our way up by pushing the next guy down. We go around and around depending on our team draw. Iโ€™m stuck in the 3400-3600 range and not getting anywhere. Itโ€™s like I should just wait another week to allow the bulk of people to gain their standing and then maybe I can work my way up a bit. I was 3900 and some before the tournament and itโ€™s like Iโ€™m going up against people with more legendaries than before it started. Iโ€™ve even leveled several dinos during last week and itโ€™s not helping. Iโ€™m 3490 right now. A couple days ago I was 3507.


canโ€™t say iโ€™ve ever ran into a koolasuchus gen 2 in the ruins.

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If you look at your recent opponents, it will show whether they are ranked/on the leaderboard. If the lowest of those has, for instance, 4,200 trophies, but another one with more trophies is NOT on the leaderboard there is a good chance he or she is a cheater.

However, be aware that when players get bumped off the leaderboard (which has happened to me several times, so I know) they will still show as โ€œNo. 500โ€ for a battle or twoโ€ฆ so donโ€™t assume that someone who has a few more trophies than the lowest ranked ones do is necessarily a cheater (and probably is not). Itโ€™s pretty clear, however, if theyโ€™re high ranked.

Iโ€™m sure it surprises people when I bring it out. It can take down an Indominus Rex if itโ€™s the same level.



I have once and i ate it with gorgo :sweat_smile:

Are you vip bro ? How much did you spend on this game ?

Not 4100 range but only a bit more, usually was 5k pre tournament, i think i can do better if i battle all the day to rank up but dont know facing so many guys whit 28+ uniques

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Thanks for accepting my friend request.:smiley:

Np hahaha want alot friends xd

Yeah I still have VIP. Iโ€™m not sure how much Iโ€™ve spent on this game but probably under $500. I spent some on my girlfriendโ€™s account too so I lost track.