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So what events do we have this week?

Does anyone have any idea of what dinos and events we have this week?
We are only an hour or so away from the launch now …

I guess we’ll see in about an hour :wink:
It’s unknown, but keep an eye out for a twitter post. Gotta wait for Canada to wake up eh.

Perhaps we will also find out when the new patch will be launched, ooohhh the excitement :rofl:

I’m hoping they have dartable pterosaurs and some incubators that might contain Bary G2. I’m not interested in the Pteros (unless Arambourgiania is there), but people want them and I’m not finding it fun fighting them, so dartable would be nice.

I’m betting no info has been released because the update is coming out today but given the past few ''incedents" I am not holding my breath

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They have done this before:

“Confirming maintenance break to start at 10:30 AM EDT. Please note that this means there will be no events starting at 10:00 AM EDT, but rather when we return from maintenance.”

Probably be posted at 10:29 AM EDT … :unamused:

Well, that is about when the “9-ish” crowd gets to work, so it make sense.

But that means we would get the patch today already, which is neat. And this way Carbo could be one of te featured dinos!

Yep - who knows with Ludicrousia; I’m still hoping Miragaia gets replaced by Carbo …

Replacing Miragaia with Carbo would be an excellent idea.

But would that not disturb the balance in the arena? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Just been announced as tomorrow:

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