So what exactly is the tournament tomorrow gonna be?

Is it a skill tournament?
As it is advertised in the news section in game.

Or is it an advantage tournament?
As stated on here

Or should we just wait until it starts and find out then?

This will not make those who have levelled up and applied boosts to dinos happy if it ends up being a skill tournament will it?

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Why would you even apply boosts before a tournament starts ? It doesnt make sense, especially given the history of tournament announcements …

I agree, but to be sure people will be!

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Knowing ludia it could go either way. Knowing the players it could go either way as well

I have leveled a few creatures for this. Was going to do so anyway, so i’m not really out any coins. Not gonna bother applying boosts as most will not make it to my main team anyway.

Well it’s good to see this post getting lost after being moved.

But an answer would have been much better.