So what flyers did everyone get?


And which one did you obtain first? Which one is your favorite so far?

I don’t have my phone on atm so I forget which one I like the most. Started with an A, I believe, since it’s swap in is an invincibility.

And I can already tell these guys are going to be trolls. I need to level up my Concaveanator or whatever she is called lol. Or any other pinners.


I was very lucky, had one close to home, and more at the car wash, and then again at work so I’ve ended up with

Dsungaripterus (rare)
Arambourgiania (rare)
Quetzalcoatlus (rare)
Tupandactylus (rare)
and Hatzegopteryx (common)

and 18/150 for Alanqa (Epic), got this in a battle incubator though.

All low levels though so I won’t be battling with them anytime soon.


I had a few close to home. I had a T one near home, she’s my highest level flyer at lvl 8. I managed to get Quetz, and I think I got that Aramb one, and the Hatze one too. And I think I do have a bit of DNA of Alanqa too from a strike event incubator.

I won’t battle people with them, I tried them out at strike events. They are too low level, thus too weak, to use against people. Maybe I’ll have a bit of time to level up my pinners. If not, I’ll hope I have a raptor to one shot them before they run. lol


I got all of them except for the Epics. Arambourgiania is by far my favorite even though I have no idea how to pronounce its name.


I ran out of battery on my way home from work, so I only got Hatzegopteryx and Arambourgiana…


I got them all except for the alankylosaurus and only discovered the Pteranodon and managed to get 20 of the 150 DNA needed to create it.


Got the same ones as you, except i got 149/150 for Alanqa from a 24-hr incub.


My Quetz is almost at level 10 already. Arambourgiania is almost level 9, and Hatzeg is almost to 8. The other two are like 5 and 6.


Today I hope to catch some more DNA. I really love the visual effects of these :+1::+1::+1:


I’m missing Alanqa and Pteranodon. No hybrids as yet.


My house is a flyer event drop, so I’m lucky to get many from the comfort of my own home. Think I’m only missing one now, except the epics, though I got some from the strike event.


Likewise. I now have two event drops and a supply drop all within range of my house.


I don’t have any epics but I did get 4/5 of the rare and common ones. The one I don’t have is the diptheriadon or whatever it is.


I started 2 hours before going into work at 6pm, and had only gotten 3 of them from strike towers.

Had a 24-hr incub that gave me these:


I also got two more now!

I did get some DNA from Pteranodon in an incubator, but so far no Alanqa…


I believe that there’s a chance of getting Alanqa in the Pterosaur strike towers, and in the 24-hr incubs. I still haven’t seen it in the 8-hr ones.


My favorite one is probably quetza (for its look), while for move and stats dsungaripterus is my favorite even tough I can’t use him in sorna marshes lol


I’ve unlocked everything except for Alanqa and Pteranodon. Although I have discovered Pteranadon but not yet Alanqa.


I have yet to get Ptera DNA and I think I got some Dsung DNA but not enough to create her.


Got em all except for Alanq and it’s hybrid. Pteranodon I got from a sale incubator.