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So what happened to the yellow cap strike?

Yesterday it appeared for a short moment, then got replaced with the rare. Today all I found was a blue cap one. No yellow strike in sight.

They get swapped over after 12 hours. It’s part of the elping people play at home during lockdown. Could that be what you have experienced?

Pretty sure it was a mistake. There is no yellow cap on the schedule for yesterday.

I thought the first one was supposed to be a yellow cap. Zooming in, it seems to be a common but I don’t remember common being out yesterday at all. I got the scent though.

There was a common one. I did have to go for a walk to find it though, so maybe not all that common.

I hope yellow one or epic one will pop up close today. Been roaming the city yesterday, today’s raining and might rain until the night. Also, the drops are being wasted again, having absolutely nothing on them.

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