So what have you guys thought of the tournament

Honestly for me it’s been so much fun although we have two certain rats but the second one is bad and the first bow has more counters. Overall I think it’s was worth the price of admission so many creatures to try out the I usually don’t use and surprising to no one Eddie and thylo definitely earn there mid and high apex spots respectively. Didn’t have the deer although I have fought it and well
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It was delicious also finally got my first super super rampage with indom gen2 which as soo satisfying

So far I’m gonna keep going but for right now I’m very close to top thirty or twenty. Plus it made me forget how much of a broken system boost are but also showed me how op MF on indom is :joy:.
So what did you guys think

  • It was good
  • It was fun
  • It was frustrating
  • It was bad

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It’s a hard knock life… not using procerat…
But I mean it was also pretty fun as well

It’s both frustrating and fun

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it’s been a fun tournament. Wasn’t playing for placement so that helped me have some fun. sarco’s and puru’s no escape was a blessing and a hindrance at the same time. Tho i lost to some procerath’s other’s i won against using different strategies.

I got to try out some dinos that may be a bit underrated. erlikogamma is fun to use. and indom g2 has been a blast as well.

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Frustrating all the way, I could NOT stand the sarcorixis and purutaurus with their new no escape ability.

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Lol honestly gama, thyla, indom, and proRAT make quick works of those two so it wasn’t a problem for me

Plus it helps against scappa and that annoying stegoRAT from just swapping in and out

IKR while never as good as her sisters gama was surprisingly strong with that DD and bring unable to pin plus she could out speed proRAT and go thru her evasion so ya very underrated

I’d definitely say fun. Though personally I feel like Yoshi ruins it a little, and really shows how much she needs a small nerf. She’s faster than even Erlikogamma, is immune to everything AND has more HP - absolutely OP in comparison to other epic hybrids.

Speaking of Erlikogamma, I LOVE her. I’m so dang tempted to level her up as a side quest. Rixis is a beast as usual, and No Escape is a great technique. Bonus points for swapping in just as a dino is about to swap out - won one of my matches by playing the swap game just right with their final dino.


Yoshi is stupid and dominating, as usual.

Rixis has become the bane of my existence. You don’t realize how valuable immunity is until this thing comes in.

Gamma is unexpectedly effective.

Megalogaia is very very solid.

IndominusG2 is an absolute brute.

Thylacotator was dropped from my team. Didn’t see much reason to use it due to the lack of tanks, but I might throw it back for all these Rixis.

Stegocera is awesome!

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Nah stego sucked it literally dies to everything I threw at it

Everyone seems to doubt the little guy Stegocera, but I find him incredibly useful. Swap in on an almost dead dino about to swap and it’s gone. Not to mention it’s so fat that it can sponge hits for days, and can set up the next dino for a kill via slowing. And worst case scenario, I can swap it into Yoshi or IndomG2 to get some last minute damage as a fodder kill.

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Or ya swap in a thylo or they swap in scaroxis. But honestly saw only three people used it and it fell to my thyla and indom Every time

It would be a lot more fun if my position did not go 3600+ down to 6800+ without my trophy count changing

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Fun as every Skill tourney usually is… Especially comparing to normal arena


Stegocera can be quite annoying when used right. It’s not meant to win 1v1, just to kill what is at low HP, Dig In and get out to do it again later. What screws with it more than anything are Sarco and Puru with the new No Escape.

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And dimodactylus

But still it’s garbage :wastebasket: nothing like it was pre 1.8

Had fun, as in all the even level tournaments. Although with restricted dino roster, procerat (without the turtle to hold him back) did feel like he had very few definite answers. Played a lot of games where I was either up 2-1 or down 1-2 and procerat would come in and just murder the next 3 dinos with either the opponent or me not really able to do anything about it.

Good change to reg arena as always!

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Did not care to participate

I wasn’t originally planning on doing the tournament, but ended up trying it out anyways.

Tournaments are usually pretty rough for me. However, I am trying to see the positives.

  1. I have a much higher appreciation for the deer hybrid.

  2. I got to familiarize myself with the new moves and see how they work in battle.

It’s a lot to learn and some things might take a while to get used to (especially Purutaurus’ no escape move), but I’m glad I tried it out.

I will say this though. I wish that we had a bit more time to “study” especially if we haven’t faced a particular creature. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping all the different immune creatures straight. Lol :sweat_smile:

Maybe there could be a more user friendly way of mentioning what the immunities are? :thinking: When I am trying to do a quick study, I sometimes forget to scroll up thinking that I have seen everything.