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So what is it going to be?

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I know epic Titanoboa will disappear and never be found. I have yet seen one in the wild. I have been all over the city I am at and have ridden a total of maybe 15 buses over the course of a week in hopes to find the snake. Been to every locale that my city offers and no snake. So what is it going to be when it disappears? Will we get some Titanoboa in our mailboxes as a parting gift and for our troubles or are we going to get nothing? The way I am seeing it is that my zone is the forgotten and neglected. What you are proving is your hatred for Zone 3 and it is heavily evident. I expect to see two supply drops and a sanctuary in close proximity of my apartment as a settlement for basically scamming me. Also, I expect a substantial amount of HC and Gold in my mailbox. Let’s make it happen and maybe I will change my tune.

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Got 3 titano on epic scent today in zone 3 xdd

Lucky you. I got zilch

I am still keeping my fingers crossed that we won’t be forgotten and the Epic snake will appear for us in some fashion. :crossed_fingers:

Yeah, in a dream.

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You should have bought a lottery ticket too.

That’s crazy luck!

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As am I. Even though it is frustrating

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