So what is the deal with Monomimus?

I get that at some point this creature was over powered, but why did it warrant this kind of treatment when Thoradolosaur and Dracoceratops get the opposite.


This is the new 1.8 swap in dodge

Nobody knows Ludia Logic I guess.


The swap in Dodge is nothing more than a swap in distract now. Since you are guaranteed to take 33% damage.

So god know why it is still called dodge mystifies me.

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Because it’s a self-buff move, meaning it works against immune creatures like that Erlidominus.

Of all the dinos in the game, monomimus got nerfed the most for some reason… 3 different times. Trying to bring back the dead is one thing, but mono got incinerated. So kinda hard to be hopeful, especially with the new dodge/evade nerf.

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