So what is the point of Hostile Glow's vulnerability again?

My default damage is 1443 as seen here. Also seen here, Hostile Glow says: “Vulnerable 1 attack, 2 turns.” that will be applied to opponent.

However, in battle the vulnerable effect disappears immediately after Hostile Glow is used. And the vulnerability effect doesn’t affect the counter hitting the opponent, because the damage is still 1443.

In the above case, I was first to attack. But it’s the same if I attack last, the vulnerability does not carry to the next turn anyway. So … what is the use of vulnerability here? It seems more of a debuff to Ankylos Lux in case opponent is resistant to vulnerability, in which case Hostile Glow won’t act as an impact but a strike instead. However … that too isn’t the case.

I went to the Campaign and fought a Magna, which is immune to vulnerability. Magna still takes impact damage from Hostile Glow. [damage was downscaled by Campaign but you can see Hostile Glow’s attack for this situation there]

i dislike that the vulnerability is applied first before damage. i got burned by that more times than id like to admit becasue i was skimming the move rather than actually reading it fully. (who has time for that)

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If Vulnerability is applied first before the damage, then why does Magna (immune to vulnerability) still take full damage from the attack?

it’s doing the impacts worth of damage. that is correct. if vulnerability is applied then the damage would be more.

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Or on next turn next attack does more damage. Or alternatively, the counter should have done more damage if I was first to attack (as was the case vs Hadros Lux, who is only 50% vuln resistant). But as it is, there seems to be just a waste of GPU resources to render an effect for a split second.

Edit: Tried it on a Koolabourgiania in Campaign, and unlike with Hadros or pretty much anything I’ve faced in arena, the impact got increased. I’ll ask someone to fight me with a Hadros to check what’s going on.

it looked like it was increased somewhat from your screen shot. Lux has 50% resistance to vuln. still the issue with it not carrying over tho.

Edit: nevermind. missed the damage number.

Stygidaryx took 3k damage in arena, that’s the first time I’ve seen Hostile Glow do that much damage, but on the 50% ones especially Hadros, I’ve seen it do the 2.1k damage Hostile Glow has as default for my Anky, which made me expect that at least the counter would do more instead, and the vuln visual effect appeared right after the shield was put up.

Tested vs Scorpius G3 in battle, seems to be working correctly there, from ~1.6k damage went to ~2k damage. But also the vuln visual appeared before the shield.