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So, what legendaries did YOU choose

First selection

  • Keratoporcus
  • Eremoceros
  • Grylenken
  • Ankyntrosaurus
  • Smilocephalosaurus
  • Tryostronix

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Second selection

  • Edaphocevia
  • Indominus Rex
  • Dakotanops
  • Poukaidei
  • Dilophoboa
  • Phorasaura

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3rd selection

  • Mammotherium
  • Dodocevia
  • Monolometrodon
  • Rajakylosaurus
  • Tyrannolophosaurus
  • Acrocanthops

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There are some that I hope are chosen and some that I know Ludia is gonna chuck in there anyways even though it isn’t voted. Just wanna see what a sample of the community wants.

if dodocevia doesn’t make it in, i will be very disappointed.


I generealy went by how hard stuff is to get

How eremoceros is winning is a question god himself can’t answer

Generaly just hope porky and crock duck make the cut. They were the options for haloween and indom somehow made it over them(voted crockduck, porky, ankytro)

For the 2nd one i’m happy with everything exept indom
(Voted diloboa, poukai, phora)

For the 3rd one, i swear if tyranolopho and mono make it… happy with most other things, i’m gonna be kinda disapointed with therium but better then the other 2
(Voted turkey, rajakylo and acrotops)

I mostly went for anky hybrids as I really need them right now and of course dodocevia

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I voted it. It’s a beastly legendary and has one of the best hybrid potentials out there


Still, out of all the options it’s by far the easyest to make


OK, come on people. I dont understand how people can vote for Dilophoboa if snakes are super underpowed. Also how do people vote tryo, its comonents are so easy to come buy, unlike the ankylo hybrids, (ankylo and kentro spawns no where.) I voted for the hardest to get, aka all the ankylo hybrids (Rajakylo, Ankyntrosaurus), the strong (subjective) dinos (Eremoceros, Smilocephalosaurus,Mammotherium) and the raid/new ones (Poukaideim Dodocevia)

all the ankylosaurus hybrids are the hardest to come by, and the dinos that are curently winning, like Tryo are so easy to come by

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are the rajasaurus hybrids easy for you to get? everyone in my alliance say those are the hardest to get

You will never know if they get buffed. So I’ll take the chance of voting for it.

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I went for diloboa as well because it does have a unique and isn’t easy to get

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ok that makes sense, but I didn’t go for it because it is super underpowered, AND hard to come by. That makes it useless imo

Oh I regret voting diloboa now I forgot the dartig part I suck at darting the sneks lol


the way they buff dinos, they will end up nerfing it, and forgot that darting snakes is hard, so another reason not to vote for it

Uhm bary is incubator execlusive since 2.0, and posti shares DNA with magna… so tryo is proboably the hardest to get in there

U could make an argument that kentro is hard since it’s a park anytime, but anky is just a local

U could make an argument for smilo as well, pretty hard and strong, but still i’d rather go with something thats legit event execlusive

Also i’d much rather get free dna for a weak hybrid that can get buffed and is realy hard to make. Rather then some random hybrid that is strong but i’m not gonna use and is realy easy to make


I mean kinda, it takes 2 local epics

Not the eayest, defently on the harder side, but far from the hardest


bary is easy to get if you play the game more than casually

you do you, if you want to go for dinos that are weak, thats your choice, but they will probably not do anything to snakes

making dinos that are REALLY hard to get (dilophaboa and its hybrid), and that are weak makes no sense to me

:disappointed_relieved: :sob:


Not realy with how broken pvp is, and when we’re talking like 26 tryos for apex raids barry is far from easy to get

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