So what’s you top placement in the tournament

I have gotten to 9 but as rn I’m at top twenty


i couldn’t find enough time to continue battling. got as high as top 100, but have fallen considerably do to lack of effort. still happy with any coin i get.


I haven’t even joined it yet :sweat_smile:
I’ll do it today and get as far as possible

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I’m thinking to battle all night to say in top twenty or fifty at least I want me gold!


Once I finish a Tournament in the 1st place I was so proud



But first day was top 10 first hours

Now will stop battling. Maybe will keep top 250 until tomorrow

Top 50, I could go higher if it wasn’t a gambling game :roll_eyes:, draw marsupial lion you win, if you don’t, you loose :neutral_face:.

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I’m in the same situation. I want to continue, but I also don’t want to lose my place all because RNG favored my opponent (like it did yesterday - 6 stuns from that blasted Sinoceratops, ugh).

I was second when 736 was second worthy. Max trophies ware 767 I think.
Then I dropped to 651 and thought top 50 is almost secured. Just 1 more win.
And oh boy, I went to the losing streak of my life. Lost 200 trophies from there…

I keep saying “I will just camp on this high score and check back a couple hours before the end, to see if it’s worth to play couple of more games”
And I mess it up every time.

Fun times, fun times

as much as i want to get back into the top 100, i don’t think it’s worth the stress of trying to win much more than i would loose. sitting a 407 currently but i do play every once in a while to see what happens.

overall, i did have fun this tournament. probably because i didn’t feel like i was loosing anything for not placeing in a specific tier.

Wow, you guys are doing great. Congratulations. I was in top 100, got knocked out, will probably settle for 250.

I got in the top 250 somewhere, but now I’m done. I have other things to focus on. I’m hoping I finish in the top 500 somewhere still, but I kinda doubt it. I figure the pirhanas gonna get crazy by the end here. I’m wrapping up at 388 trophies or something like that

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I didn’t have a whole lot of time, but I was 48th with one hour to go.
I finished 144th.
Don’t ask.

I got to 69, then I lost a few, ended up around 330.

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went up and down for a while. settled in the top 500 last night. today 1067

Ended 34th with 699 medals. Was really fun tournament.

EDIT: Was suprised how many medals were required for top 50.

Ended up at Rank 211, which I’m quite happy with.

Did 131, usually settle for top 250 in those tournaments as it really depends on how much time I have to grind the rng machine further after that. Had quite a bit of fun as usual.

Kept getting close to the top10, ended up 41st by choice. Didn’t do anything when I was on 700 trophies to ensure I got 500k.