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So what was the reason for the extra turn cooldown on nullifying moves?

Was there a reason given? It just feels like this change has made it an even bigger nuisance taking down certain dinos.


Actually I noticed this I general… nullification is just die out at one point so many things had it so you always had a nullifyer on the team to deal with stuff like indom, indo, gorgo, or anything that had positive effects but now it’s almost extinct


Probably to make them worse against dodgers

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They were a major way around evasive dodges back then. Now, with so many creatures having a remove cloak/dodge basic attack they probably aren’t needed as much as before.


Ludia wanted to replace the diversity in the game, with just a plain rock, paper, and scissor mechanic. I literally hate all of these new multitasking moves. I get the idea, but dont shove it down our throats by giving it to every single creature


The fact the there more nullifying impacts than strikes is just like dumbfounding

True but they also help with other buffs like shields, Crit, attack buff, and priority buffs, it the all in one package.

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Agreed. The same issue applies to all the buffing the abilities too but I think it is a lot more noticeable on the dodge abilities.

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I really hope they reconsider this change, and make resilient moves not hit through dodge. Dodge was kinda awful before, now it’s worse.

The reason I’m frustrated at this change is because of the Instant Invincibility glitch(?) where it lasts 2 turns. NR came in handy, when that happened, but now I can’t even rely on that.