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So, what's happening on Sunday?

This image, as well as the one posted on Twitter state that we are getting an Ardentismaxima attempt on Sunday. However, I and several other community members have expressed their doubts about it being legitimate.


Wait why is ardent’s color red and not green? Its’ either:

  1. We are getting ardONT and not ardENT
  2. This is a error

Why does it say we are getting two days to dart Phoru?

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It should be pretty obvious at this point that the image @E.D posted in the forum was full of errors. Why @E.D hasn’t corrected it by now is a mystery.

The correct image is the one that was posted on social media on Sunday.


I’m not sure. Max doesn’t fit into the week at all and we did get it very very recently on Christmas. Might have been an error in transfer, and it isn’t on the ingame event lineup announcement. I decided to ask to be sure.

Tbh we should kinda uh… stay quiet.


It really shouldn’t amaze me at their screw ups now, but it still does because of their frequency.

If I messed up this often on my job. I’d be fired.


Thanks for letting us know, everyone. The colour tint should be addressed soon. :slight_smile:

Update: The colour has been changed.


So are we really getting Ardentismaxima? I’d take it, even though it doesn’t fit the theme of the week.

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Yes we are getting Maxima, the fact it has nothing to do with Cleanse or Counter Attack can be answered with one simple word… Lydia.

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My idea of Ludia logic:
Immune = super cleanse, because if your are immune you never need to cleanse.


Ardentis is getting big nerf again soon so Ludia give us free bad unique

Who cares why it’s there, as long as it stays :slight_smile: Very hard to dart but even more difficult to farm ingredients so I’m happy.


So, the attempt is real? Interesting. Thank you for your help! It’s always appreciated.


If all goes according to plan. @bobbymcfeen. :smiley:


I’m going to say thank you @Ned.
There have been a couple of PSA errors but I appreciate the opportunity to dart a unique nonetheless!

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Thanks @Ned!

I’m thankful that this is a legit attempt.

Thanks @Ned
looking forward to Sunday now.