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So what's with the half a sale?


Finally after forever they do a sale on cash and coins, but it’s not even the regular sale! No half off the main cash products, it’s just a new offer for 3250 for $20… And then the coin sale is only 20% extra when it’s always been 50%. So 300k for 4500 instead of the normal 350k… Is Ludia getting cheap on us?


Yeah, it’s pretty paltry and I don’t see why they even bother putting a “sale” out when it’s clearly a crippled form of the standard.


It’s not always been -50%.


This is Just a big joke from ludia…stingy ludia


Every sale I’ve seen has been 50%. At the very least the last 3 sales they’ve run has been 50%.


50% more should be 375k not 350k

At the very beginning, it used to be 10% more.

But still, after having 50% more, I will wait.


Hopefully ppl don’t buy this joke otherwise ludia is joking us more and more


The coins might have been 40% more then. Still a big difference than 20%. I was primed and ready to buy a Mtn of cash and stock up on coins, but nah, I’ll save my money and the 9k HC I have saved up…


Just checked on Metahub, yea, it was 40% more.

Everyone, let’s wait for better deals!

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I like how you can still buy the normal Case of Cash :rofl:

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It’s actually more than normal. Before Black Friday and Christmas, the sale used to be 275k instead of 250k. 300k is certainly better (just not as good as the holiday sale).


A lot of misinformation here.
The best sale we have had was the 40% more for the 4500 cash vault. This was only offered on cyber monday and new years. other than that the most the vault has been on sale a couple of times with a measly 10% bonus.

The 500 cash chest had a 50% bonus on cyber monday and new years. It also had the 50% bonus a couple of time before that as well.

So the sale on the chest of coins isn’t great. But technically the vault say is better that the other times its randomly been on sale. Just not as good as the haoliday sales which tbh is expected.

edit; meant this as a general reply. what zendrexin said was accurate


I got excited there was a sale, running low on cash…

Then I looked at it and did some quick math and the calculator figured a big NOPE.



This is the same thing with the March events and premium incubators, they showed the players how great something can be, and then take it away. They require coins to level dinos after you’ve painstakingly gathered the DNA to do so, and increase the cost exponentially as the levels get higher, but make it difficult to gather the coins unless you farm them constantly. And they do this so you have to buy cash to buy coins, but they have sales to distract you from this fact, but then the sales get paltrier. Everyone expected a sale soon, and they gave us the bare minimum.


This thread sould be renamed to, come complain about something.



Like this; Come complain about the complaining.


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Or stay off the thread if you don’t have anything constructive to add…


Oh really folks!
Ludia say oh look you can win stuff by battles… in our new event.
Oh and if you want to buff with PtP here is a little discount for the cash happy win at any and i do mean any cost!


Yeah, I went for it anyway. Need the coins and they have been pretty sparing on the sales.


I’ve been saving the dinobucks for the next sale. Looks like I will continue to save them. :slightly_smiling_face: