So what's your luckiest and unluckiest creature?

Luckiest: Carnotarkus. She’s always critting!

Unluckiest: Thor. There, I said it. For a beast with 40% crit chance, mine sure does love to fail.

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Oh lol what?

I mean yeah, I did say Thor never seems to crit against me.
Maybe they lowered it’s crit chance secretly…
But we see it as 40% when in reality it’s, I dunno, really low.

My luckiest would be gemini. It crits a ton for a 5% creature.
Unluckiest would be my maxima. It literally never crits 90% of the time. Yesterday i went 0/19 on crits with it


I don’t really have a lucky one.
I do, however, have the most unlucky Erlidom on the planet.
Need a crit? Too bad.
Wanna set up? Tryko walks in.
Single hit through opp dodge? Nuh uh.
Rampage ftw? Mono/DC ftl.
But then she goes and crits 5 attacks in a row against a strike tower bot.


I don’t know my lucky one, but there’s a tie for unlucky. Monostego and Nemys. There is a particular Mammotherium that is apparently immune to my Monostego stuns and every other is Orion as well :rofl:. And when I need Nemys to land that swap in stun against a Thor for the win? Nope. DSR to the face!

I really don’t like running many RNG creatures, but those 2 need to go to stunning boot camp. Along with my Tourney Rixis.

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Oh yeah missing that crit on DSR hurts big time. Especially when it leaves a Tryko or Grypoly with thiiiiis much HP left.

And I can concur on Orion. I don’t run one but every one I face crits at least 2 times in a match it seems :rofl:

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Ouch yet again.
I don’t know why, but my Tryo is very dearest to me XD.

Indo is lucky and Indom is unlucky

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My Luckiest is Nodopatosaurus since it got crit on both the counter and normal attack 2 turns in a row.

My unluckiest creatures are ProRat for the same reasons and Allo G2.

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I just found out something; Indom G2 cloak is absolutely crap, didn’t dodge even one time, so I gave up cloaking at all. I take back what I said about it earlier, lol. But mutual fury is good, so I use it in the tourney.

And Erlidom is the unluckiest of all from what I’ve heard and seen :sweat_smile:

Orion most def gets crits when I don’t expect it to. Maxima crits when I don’t need it to and doesn’t when I need it

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