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So, what's your strategy with stat buffs?


I’m thinking of buffing this little guy’s speed to give him that edge, then replacing my pyrritator with him. I would love to hear from anyone who has opinions as to whether this is or isn’t a good idea.


I’m concentrating on strike tower squads. Making sure everything I use on towers is faster than a vraptor. Then boosting the best stats of my best creatures.

I think some players will balance things. Equality is always leveling down. Don’t make a hammer more like a screwdriver make it a better hammer.


I’m very indecisive right now. I’ve not boosted anything yet as i’m struggling to make a decision. But I also think i’m going to focus on strike tower squad. After all that’s where a large bulk of the coins come from so want to win them all.

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It depends on personal preference. I prefer to have a multi-tool on hand (a hammer thats also a screwdriver) because it gives me more options in each fight.

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Your conversation makes me think of this…

I’ll leave it to you guys @David_Courtney & @Haagsma to decide which one you are. :smiley:


I’d say strike towers will have boosted stats also. Maybe not straight away but it won’t be long.


I used mine to balance my team. Like raising Dioraja‘s dmg and health, Utarinex‘ health, Thor‘s dmg and speed, Tryko‘s health and speed, Erlidom‘s health and speed, Diloracheirus‘ health and dmg, Tenrex‘ speed and dmg, Indoraptor‘s dmg.


But I also wanna collect those boost things to built up my own strike tower squad, as some other players intended to do. I‘m curious if the strike tower team of the AI will have boosts too.


I’m going to speed boost my mains first and then reevaluate from there.
Except Draco. No speed for him, just damage.


I suspect they will move towards 4 dino strike towers rather than boosted dinos.

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I boosted my Thor, Indo, draco, spinoza, and Stegod so far…most of my mains…still have to get my monostego next


I only boost my Unique … like Dio, Thor, Tryko etc etc.



I speed boost thor and allosinosaurus, both lvl 24, with 121 speed and 111 now, also increase healt on tryostronix, dmg on stegodeus, healt on indoraptor and dmg on indo rex. For end also boost healt and dmg on trago. Really fun to have a faster thor !


Make my T rex faster than a vraptor :grin:


I’m going to avoid boosts altogether. Still hoping they get rid of them.


I have 43 each of hp/attack and 14 speed. No clue what to use them on. :joy:


:+1: Nice!

I’m focussing on tweaking my best to keep it in the arm’s race (especially speed) and then on bringing creatures on the margin into the team.


Definitely compensating for something :slight_smile: Regeneration, its a gamble …

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I’m thinking of sprinkling it over my team as I go…though I may have sprinkled a little too much too early on my Suchotator XD