So when are the legendary hybrids going to reflect them being legendary


Right now there are a lot of hybrids that can be outdone by the material that you make them with. Everybody shouldn’t be using this stegoceratops over the legendary he creates. Plus I don’t know how many legendaries that are just slower now than their dinosaurs that made them. Then u look at the new hybrids just added to the game and they out speed their counterparts. Was this a mess up? Please fix bc right now no point in investing in them. Just pump out lvl on stegoceratops, postimetdron and gorgosuchs. Pls make the hybrids better or this game has just come to a grinding halt. All the other negative stuff happening on this game might make this the last straw for me. Battling was the onlything keeping me here and now that I’m at the stage to make and use these guys. The disappointment in seeing their speed cut down, crit lowered plus with some hybrids their strongest attack just disappear from them. This just really brings me down have to reach my goal of makes about three dinosaurs I had set out for in the beginning just to find out that I had the best version already. Please fix this!


Just want to say, Monostegotops is not so bad.
But unlike Stegoceratops is a stunning machine, Monostegotops just seldom stun any opponent.
It relied on critical chance, and use nullified attack to counter those RNG dinos. (I-rex, I-raptor & Erlidominus)
Stegoceratops could never do that.

Also, actually many legendary dinos won’t seem admiring, if they are only lv16.
But in lv20 or higher, their stats will be obviously better. Although spd won’t change.

And…don’t worry about Tryostronix.
So much better than Postimetrodon.
Basically due to better damage.


Tryostro gets stomped by both though, the speed factor let’s them hit be4 him and if they are the same lvl he doesnt have to health to eat two powered up attacks so the defense shattering rampage never happens. He can put out the damage but will never live to tell how he can. Give him the speed he deserves game!


Here’s my main opinion:

Tryostro could be much better than Postimetro on crush those tank dinos.


Yep, the speed doesn’t make sense.


Got you. Well both have the immunity so there’s that.


Right, at least make it the same speed so it comes down to lvl.


Couldn’t agree more… this game is backwards


Triox is a beast, no one of his ingrendients can oneshot a stegodeus whit 1 crit, but triox can


Allosinosaurus doesn’t deserve to be legendary. only thing cool about it is instant change and it only has the desired effect on like 3 dinos in the game.

triostronix is only one shotting a stegodeus if it can do it in 2 turns, or else it’s dead. it’s OK, but is not going to survive more than 2 turns against most dinos.


Paramoloch is the worst :grimacing:


You can always argue about any dino and his position in the game. Overall i think the balance is quite ok. If you have a team full of legendaries your chances to beat a team of commons are pretty high. I like it that they are still not 100%, because thats part of the fun. My team is level 18-19 in average and it feels good to beat a level 24-team, which of course does not happen a lot. But i also need to accept losing to a lower team sometimes.

I find it rather hard to play all those legendaries mentioned above. Esp. if they have high levels. Some of course more than others. Stegodeus, Tragoditis or Ankyntrosaurus (which i all dont have yet) are very annoying to battle. But if you have the right dinos in your team, a little luck and good strategy you can still beat them sometimes. If that wasnt the case, the game would lose a lot of its value.


just took out a level 23 indoraptor and level 21 erlidominus with a level 20 monostegotops


the speeds are the worst part of hybrids as most of the time theyre just dragged down, like gorgosuchus, but the legendaries are pretty good. Monomimus, Dilorano, Indom, Monostego, Trago, Stegodeus, Rajaky, Ankyntro, Megalo (besides speed), Paramoloch


Um that’s what ppl are saying on this thread and yes the longer I play the less this game is impressive. If you dont have the dinosaurs sorry to say you haven’t had the experience we are talking g about. The epics are beating the legendary not any commons.


He is only one shotting them with a setup but yes that match up is usually in his favor. Now that I’m up against the Gorgosuchs and he loses even if he has 2 lvl on the gorgo. His drop from 124 doesnt make any sense.