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So when can I get more T-rex daily mission DNA


I have completed the daily mission for T-rex dna everyday since it came out, and I’ve stayed at 85. I’ll never get indoraptor at this pace! However, I am grateful that you at least changed it from alanqa to T-rex. It’s just going to be hard leveling up indominus with so little dna.


It works like this…

L20 T Rex - 100 dna
L19 - 95
L18 - 90

Level up your rex and you will get more. I just learned this today as I leveled mine up from 19 to 20 and the DNA award went up to 100.

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Oh well thanks


That’s kinda a waste of DNA though


Unless you are going for it’s hybrid


Is that true tho? My Trex has been @ 20 since 1.4 and I’m still only getting 95…

EDIT: Also been player level 20 since 1.4


I haven’t leveled mine past 15 yet, and my rewards went up to 85 a couple days ago. I’m pretty sure it’s based off player level, because it happened right after I reached level 15.


My t-rex is level 20 and my DNA stays at 95


That doesn’t seem right. I have mine at lvl 15 and I always received 85, and now getting 90


Hmm, ok, weird. I am player level 20 and it started at 95. I just leveled my rex to 20 today and the reward went from 95 to 100…

maybe there is no rhyme or reason? Just Ludia being Ludia?

Sorry for any misinformation…


Yeah, that is weird… But then again, it’s Ludia we’re talking about.


No worries, since it’s not really documented anywhere, all we can do is guess. Might be something @MNBrian would know the answer to - or @Ned?


Lol t-rex is never the problem… If i had more velociraptor and kentrosaurus, i could have both indoraptor and trykosaurus right now.

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Im pretty sure you have to complete it x amount of times to move up to the next tier reward. I started at 70 now Im getting 75.

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not true. i started at 90 now 95 and my trex is level 26 lol. trying to see if it goes up after a certain amount of days. im thinking 5 to 7 days.


As someone mentioned in another thread, it also MAY have something to do with the daily awards in general…from Alanqa until now. Some started off with higher rewards for rex because they completed more of the Alanqa daily missions, therefore implying progress towards those missions carried over to rex.


Yeah i stopped carring about alanqa after a while… which is why i was only at 70 when they swapped to rex.


I’ll tell you that I keep going up by 10s, from 40 to 50 to 60 to 70.


Has nothing to do with the level of ur rex or anything like that. Its how long and how many uve collected at a particular level before u can move up

Like this:
85 DNA = Collect 3 times
90 DNA = Collect 5 times
95 DNA = Collect 10 times
And etc


yeah, but why did some ppl start with 70 rex and other with 90 or 85?