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So, when darting is bad and the arena is horrible


What’s left in the game that’s enjoyable? One answer might be trying to collect all the creatures but, oh-wait… You can’t.

I’ll go for the marsupial lion tomorrow, but may not be back until Monday for the smilidon. I know it doesn’t matter to anyone else, but it’s a big deal to me. I’ve played this game for hours a day since it went live. It’s kind of a strange feeling not wanting to play, or heading out on my bike, phone clipped to the handlebars. I have an addictive personality and probably borderline OCD, so I’m sure I’m not totally through, I’ll likely poke around purely out of habit, but, meh… unless things get fixed I’m sure that’ll dwindle away. More than a bit sad, really. Such a great game so horribly mismanaged.

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