So when is your next "speedtie poll"?

Or should we just assume that mere mortals with worse connection or far from Lydia HQ will never be able to compete on the top?

I must have had about 20 speedties in this tournament or more. The majority of which was battling on top ranks… I won only one… We have players that literally send the same creature as you on purpose cause they already know they will go first. Fair, isn’t it?


I agree. A better system should be in place for speed ties, and the scientist in me proposes a randomized outcome.

This. I hate this.


Fairly certain I’ve said it before, but I instantly knew when I was matched vs an American. They seemed to do their move the moment I pressed the button. Literally impossible for me as a European to win that speed tie. I barely fell outside the top50 due to the horrendous trophy system, but I don’t think I could do much better anyway due to being European. :confused:

I’m not a huge fan of the speedtie system. I only do this strategy if I absolutely must. I live in the Midwest of the States, and it’s decent with the speedties. I think they should fix the lag of the moves on cooldown as well because I lose many speedties this way as well

I don’t think we can call this a “strategy” honestly… It’s absolutely ridiculous.


I’m sure every Australian would also agree, I dont recall winning speed ties ever =/.
Just one of the many arena imbalances that Lydia refuses (or isnt capable) to fix.

I agree something needs to be done, everyone should have an equally fair chance of winning in terms of game mechanics no matter where they live.

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The last poll seemed to crash for everyone except Canadians. LOL
I have no clue why they validated the results when people couldn’t complete the poll.
What gets me is it doesn’t even need a poll.
It’s a unbalancing design flaw.
It doesn’t need a poll, it needs to be fixed.


I’ve heard words that for every given chance, you would pull a mirror fight against everyone who’s not faster than you in this tournament. Now you come here to talk losing speedtie is what irony means. If I were in the same shoes, I’d be staying out of any speedtie related topic, or at the very least, avoid expressing more discontent on speedtie given how much I’ve been benefited from it.

I only do that if I MUST. I gotta do what I gotta do sometimes. I’m not going to throw in my sarcorixes against a set up gorgosuchus so it can die in one hit. If the only thing that can take it out without taking a rampage is my own gorgosuchus, then I’m going to risk it

I would like to know who told you that info. And remember, they cannot see my team in battle, so they don’t know the whole story

I placed #5 in the last tourney, not just cause of speedties, but cause of RNG. yet, I dropped all the way down to 1668. I seem to be slower than everyone now with speedties, as there is a bug that makes your moves or swap not register, caused by speedties. I try to avoid as many speedties as I can, now, when people purposely mirror match vs me it is just harsh cause they would get the advantage cause of the stupid bug I always have.
Anyway, I took notes what dinosaurs everyone had, and when they would swap, that apparently still didn’t help, so how bout get rid of speedties, but also RNG? cause 1 missed stun or crit can also jack the match too.

Yeah it usually happens when someone has a yoshi out. cause it’s the fastest dino in the tourney. And every single time you would get yoshi and someone else would too they would risk the speedtie or do it to trick someone and swap to puru or gaia…
and every single time I fought you, I don’t remember if you pulled the mirror match on me, but you won most of the speedties. Now I’m glad I crit on your Indom g2 with bronto and had gaia that same match too.

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Who are you in the tournament? I don’t recognize the name. But yeah, that’s another scenario when I would go for the risky speedtie because if I didn’t have bronto, procerath could wreck me

also, I’ve seen the sarco v sarco matchups when it’s 2-2 or 1-2 on purpose, as if you knew who you were fighting and really wanted to piss your opponent off, cause no escape, and/or cause the opponent only has armor piercing strike. I think what the thing is here is you seem to like to go for speedties more often than others because either 1) you think “oh I’ve got this, that player has really slow internet” or 2) “shoot it’s the only way I can kill it” (yes it’s happened with the slowest dino most used in the tourney, indom g2, as well.) More towards 1 is what it seems like here…

I hate sarco vs sarco. I rarely ever stun sarcos with my stunning strike, and if you don’t stun and get stunned, it’s over

I hardly ever stun in the first place. Anyway, as you seem to have all the speedtie luck and RNG here, and love to try to piss your opponents off (including me) with speedties, I used to win speedties most of the time vs you, now it looks like you boosted your internet, and/or phone, to win speedties and piss people off more and win speedties more vs me? That’s why I’ve been seeing you win more in a row (climb more spots) than any other person to get ahead of every single person. again, you also like to pull speedties a lot like you think you will win them (that might not be what you think but it’s what it seems like)…

I’m sorry, but I’m not trying to upset anyone. I’m trying to climb as I as I can. I also grind quite a lot during these tournaments so I can get as High as possible, so if you think I just spam speedties, you are quite mistaken. Also, my wifi isn’t the best either. There are many times when my wifi just stops working and I have to close the game and re-enter it, and I lose that battle.

I just want something that involves more strategy. I love games like Risk and Axis and Allies that mostly rely on skill and not RNG. I love to develop strategies and try to predict what my opponent does next. I voted in favor of changing up the speedtie system because I would like more strategy to become involved

me too. but what competitiveness you have is what affects other people just so you know :stuck_out_tongue: