So when is your next "speedtie poll"?

I fought my way to the top. I grinded for a few hours. Especially in quarentine with little to do, the game is a great time killer, so…

I was down at 1668 or I would have grinded but I knew I wasn’t gonna pass 2089 in time, stupid RNG got me. you may have grinded but you may have also went rogue mode in the tourney trying to risk speedties depending on the mechanic of the dino or what dinos were left for you. I don’t know what matches you had with other people as I only got matched with you 2 times cause of the matchmaker, I fought Ethan the most around 8 times or something like that. I think in one match we had you tried to pull speedtie when it wasn’t procerathomimus, and you won the match cause of it, however I don’t think you did on round 2 when I fought you when I was around 2000 trophies (ended 2089)
bad RNG is why I send yawn emote btw. These tourneys really need to be less about RNG and actually more about skill literally, I wouldn’t be having the problem of dropping 400 trophies if it were for that

Probably because I knew I was toast if I didn’t take that one creature down. I don’t like to risk speedties. I will only do it if necessary

i try not to intentionally send out the same creature as someone. sometimes it’s the only thing left that can take a hit. others,… if my opponents is within range of killing with a basic attack so i can set up my creature, then yeah, i’ll send it out. even tho i’m US, i’m actually kinda bad at speed ties. i almost always end up tapping just slightly off of the button so it doesn’t register.
hate having to tap repeatedly trying to win them only to be tapping slightly off so i don’t anyway.

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But sometimes you may not be toast depending on what the opponent’s other dinos are, for example if you are up against a 1550 or less hp procerathomimus while also having full health indom g2 or your own procerathomimus, with enough hp for opponent to kill with a nullifying strike, would you risk the speedtie, dependant on what dinos the opponent has?

I only risk a speedtie in a situation like this:
The opponent just used ferocious strike with a gorgosuchus at 2100 hp
I only have a sarcorixis and my own gorgosuchus and it’s 2-2

This is when I risk the speedtie. It’s my only option

I try not to risk speedties as people who even do so sometimes cause me this bug after even losing a speedtie, I can’t pick a move or swap. I think it happened 200+ times since 1.13 came out, never happened before

I would go indom. I always take sarco’s ferocious impact and stegocera into consideration

those stegocera swaps got me every time.

I wished mine worked on those gorgos looking to set up

I didn’t use the stegocera cause of them sarcos and purus and immunes roaming around looking to get a free kill
*or should I say, when I did use it, I usually lost the match
Well, anyway, the next skill tournament will have a lot to do with speedties, especially with marsupial lion and the fastest dino most will use. Hope that bug doesn’t happen to me, cause of how people LOVE pulling speedties and causing match to be lost, I’ve seen it happen to others in the top too after a speedtie

The best solution to speed ties. Very easy to implement.

Instead of it being purely random or purely speed based, the following should apply.

Start with a 50/50 random roll. For every second difference between move selections, shift the odds by 5%. So if player 1 selects at 1s and player 2 at 3s, then the odds shift to 60/40. If player 1 selects at 9s and player 2 at 4s, the odds shift to 25/75.

There are 15 seconds in which you can select a move. The closer to the start you select, the more likely you are to go first. The closer to the end you select, the less likely you are to go first.

The main benefit is #1: If you want to go last, you can compete to go last and will be guaranteed last if your opponent went first. #2: being faster still gives a small benefit. #3: having lag won’t relegate you to 100% last.

The 5% can be changed to be higher/lower but the mechanism would remain the same etc etc. Players wouldn’t even notice it was happening anyway.

But that’s still RNG. I think it should be the way Ludia put it in their survey.The player who goes first will go second next round. It makes you think “Is it good to start first this round or wait and go first turn 2??”

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RNG shall leave, and it will actually be more focused on skill instead of landing your stuns or crits.
I literally dropped 400 trophies cause of 1 lost match, cause of rng (almost every match I lost had to do with RNG)

Same exact experience here!!!

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This doesn’t solve the problem. One of those options is superior. The player with lower ping makes that decision?

Making it ping-related is not really sensible for a ‘turn-based’ game.

But the option you stated earlier has more RNG. This method requires a bit more strategy. But this problem is a tough one to solve

I disagree. The theoretical outcome of the current mechanic is that the player who ‘thinks faster’ goes first. However, this is not the case. It is the player with lower ping who goes first in many cases (where thinking time is low).

No matter how you rearrange the implementation, unless you introduce RNG, lower ping players will always suffer. I personally think that punishing ping is arbitrary and stupid (biased coming from Australia). May as well just say if your user name starts with Q you will always win speed-ties.

However, pure RNG is also bad. This is because sometimes player X wants to go first while player Y wants to go last. Forcing players to play in swapped positions would also be silly, especially if one of the players is ‘outplaying the other’ by choosing to go last for example. My solution allows a first-last decision to remain while preventing a first-first decision going consistently to one player.

If both players are trying to spam their move, RNG seems like the sensible way of resolving the tie?