So, when should 1.8 be coming?

I’ve already read about the hopes for 1.8

What’s the typical cycle for big updates? Every day the game is mired in its present state feels like a month.

Whenever it is coming, it’s not soon enough.

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judging from the routine, probably around July.

Wow it feels so fast because of the aftermath of 1.7 that lingered for over a month.

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Whenever it does come it will be 12 hours later for Android because Ludia suck and can’t keep the game in maintenance for both platforms to keep it fair and you know that word… balanced.


With the other Updates (1.5, 1.6) iOS Users have to wait.

Yup, which is why the game should remain in maintenance until both platforms have released. Ludia keep on taking stuff away because of “balance” reasons, yet when it comes to holding off one platform from playing until the other platform have the update they don’t care about balance.

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Another month of crazy matchmaking and unfair trophy gains and losses. Hoping it gets fixed way before then.


It’s still lingering. They still haven’t rolled back the last boost exploit.


I just hope they use my suggestion and implement 3 battle modes.

I like your idea. Hope they will listen.
But then, 3 different trophy counts? Same incubators in any modes? Am I missing something?

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@Dennis_Lo hey thanks for the reply check my suggestion thread out. It’s long so grab some coffee lol

Implement 3 Battle Modes

Yes. I have read this, just don’t know where to find it.
I like the original battle mode, yet I boosted my team just to avoid spending too much time on a losing streak for an incubator. If Ludia doesn’t want to completely remove boosts, having 3 different modes of battles is a solution.

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It will come as soon as they can work out what new bugs to introduce.


Instead of them adding new things and creating new problems, I think it would be best if they had a major update where it resolved a lot of current issues. iPhone 6 being the top contender. They could also fix when dinosaurs spawn inside of strike towers. Removing completed strike towers and turning them into a supply drop again would be nice. Similar to how a treasure box does once you open it.

I think it depends on the amount of changes. 1.7 was a really big one so it took quite some time. If it’s more about bug fixes, nerves and boosts usually it’ll take a little less time.

1.7 introduced boosts, and hopefully 1.8 removes them. This whole boost fiasco feels more like an April Fools type event if anything.


Doubtful, but we can all hope…

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Given the’ve just posted about the Seasons Relaunch in 1.8 it must be just round the corner …


God I hope so. Maybe the end of June to start a season on July 1.


Pretty sad when the first thing you do when you wake up is to check the forum for news on 1.8 being released. Many of us are waiting for that special one thing to happen as a make or break for us.


For me - remove boosts, or a radical rework.