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So when will boosts be available to buy?

Simple enough question.

A response would be nice .

Thank you.

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Breaking out my popcorn eating GIF on this one…

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Enjoy :rofl:

I wonder what’s causing the delay?

The value has been diminished to such a low level and it’s been over a week since the update.

The talk of how it will take four years to build your team with the new boosts is way off as things stand, more like forty years if we have to rely on the free ones!

I think another boost reset is on the Horizon


Pretty sure it’s because they realize that once they do; we can do a direct value comparison between them and the old version and show concretely how much less they’re now worth. This will be an easy number calculate and will make it much easier to demand refunds from Apple/Google.


Same. I think they messed up with the pricing. 100 a tier like seriously… stupid.


Never I hope.



Never! I am having soooo much fun earning them through incubators! I love getting the bonus boost in random incubators, it makes the crappy DNA I get more fun.


I’ve said all along that they shot themselves in the foot with the boost refund.

If they charge 500 green cash for 25 or 37 boosts then they are in the clear. BUT no one in their right mind would buy them at this price.

If they charge 500 cash for 50, 75 or even 100 then as someone else said, we will all be quite within our rights to question the value assigned to the refund they gave us.

So what will they do?

Answers on a postcard…

But I doubt we will get one from Ludia who are losing revenue every minute since the reset…


Hopefully never but that won’t happen.

They made it perfectly clear with the update that ‘boosts are here to stay’.

At some point they will be back, but so far no one will have earned enough to raise one solitary level.


Yep, you nailed it. With the reset (which they thought was a stealth devaluation) it was revealed that the emperor has no clothes.The pathway Ludia has embarked down has two potential outcomes: The first is that boost sales are gone. A lot of players will be happy, while others will be pissed. While it avoids a stark definition of the amount of $$ the company stole from players with the reset, it removes their new favorite revenue source (which seems to drive every decision the company makes.) The other path is at some point they re-open boost sales at a new price point… When they do, it will clearly define the degree to which everyone was short-changed in the reset. It’s a classic Catch-22 for Ludia and I’m laughing myself silly watching how they thought they were being clever, but instead painted themselves into an inescapable corner! :rofl:


When they figure out how to sell them within reason of not over selling in the new update and within reason of them not depreciating the value of the old boosts but that’s been done already yes ? No?

What do you think?


I think they’ve placed themselves into a very bad spot, once they place an actual value on boosts… Some people spent some serious cash, real money on boosts. They can either sell them super expensive: $13.33 ea (ridiculous… $1333 a tier) or risk admitting how much they devalued many player’s prior reach cash purchases.

Breaking out the popcorn.


This is why i think they added them to incs…to see if they can sustain themselves off speed up incubator sales vs selling them outright. Because speeding up incs is alot harder to determine value for boosts. As those boosts are essentially free… the hc cost to speed up incs remains unchanged. And you can speed up way more incs with of boosts if one is dedicated vs buying them in the store.

The big problem with this is the fact that by not allowing a reasonable purchase option, boosts will become obsolete.

The odd one or two in an incubator, even the 4/4/4 in the dbi don’t add up to anything worthwhile in a week, two or even three weeks. After a month if you’ve done everything possible you should be able to boost one attack, one health and one speed on one Dino. And even then that assumes you are in Lockdown or higher.

So if they are left as they are no one is going to pay much heed to their existence.

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And L have aswell lost 3 or 4 times with sales of boosts…

Yeah. They lose every week without the sale…

I think your under estimating the effect that allowing someone to buy unlimited boosts thr pi ugh speeding up incubators will have… and as a secondary bonus of inc exclusive dna its far from the waste it used to be.

They wont come obsolete at all… its actually cheaper to speed through incs that it was to buy a stack of 25.