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So where are the strike towers?

There’s meant to be 3 of them.

I only have one, the Recess Trial.

Also where’s the treasure chests we are supposed to be able to reach from the safety of our home?


Came here to ask the same thing. That and did anyone else’s trophies NOT reset after Haast season ended? Not sure if that was intentional or not… :thinking: @Ned

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Yep. Didn’t reset nor did I get my Eagle DNA reward…

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Came here for the same thing. Just did the Recess Trial and am looking for other ones.

No chests or the weekly reward in the mail.

No Eagle DNA as reward after season ended.


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Yup! I thought Ludia was up to its old tricks of putting strike towers ridiculously far again! Especially since I now have 30 of the trial ones and no abc in sight! I will assume it’s a glitch

Actually I got my eagle instead of the battle button in the PVP there is a collect button

I got my Eagle reward too.

The only things I don’t see are:

Strike towers
Treasure Chests
New alliance rewards

In regards to the Saturday incubator they went from epic every other week to blue every week to nada every week! Did I just reply to myself! I meant to reply to someone else! No people I am not talking to myself :joy::joy: This reply was for MarMaruh

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@Ned @E.D Can you tell us what’s going on with all the missing items???

Missing strike towers? Treasure chest? Alliance rewards nothing has changed.

That’s just sad. I was very looking forward to my weekly bonus in the mailbox. And then heard about treasure chests. Which are nowhere to be seen at all. Invisible… I’m really sad now. :frowning:
Not even a tiny lil bonus for us? :frowning:

Is the lack of trophy reset intentional?
I mean I’ll take 5500 Rhino DNA and all, but for 1 battle?

@W1ckety it just Ludia being Ludia :rofl::rofl::rofl: I will take it as well

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Same alliance rewards too

But the season reward hasn’t changed. Battling now will have no affect.

I would add there are still archaotherium on giga scent.
Which mean no wolly rhino atm

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It’s all broken the zones have changed back too

My zones not changed back. I’#m still getting my new zone creatures from my giga scent.

Yup,but this one is normal:
Its the rotation zone.
If you were zone 1-> You become zone 2
If you were zone 2-> You become zone 3
If you were zone 3-> You become zone 4
If you were zone 4> You become zone 1
It change every monday of each month

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Because other than the Trial, I can’t see any.