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So, Where Are We?

Hello frens! It’s been a while, time has past, 2020 is FINALLY over (2021 not looking much better though…) and I’m “out of the loop”. Where do we stand now, what have I missed, what are the top 10 dinosaurs, and how has everyone been?

How many people have Mortem Rex?

Yeah, I know I could look most of this stuff up but that’s no fun and besides, we haven’t talked in while. Let’s catch up. I personally have had an insanely crazy last 6+ months, from moving to taking care of my grandfather who’s in and out of the hospital, ect. Busy busy!


Welcome back, bud. I hope everything is feeling better after what happened while on hiatus


Hi! I see you are now an ambassador, that is neat!

Things are weird right now, hopefully they are better. We’ll see.

Thanks. If you want, you are welcome for my elimination round that I got for you. More rounds will come

Oh! I just saw you’re still doing that! Cool.

Short and long range spawns are a pain, much like the arena matchmaking going crazy, bugs bugs and more bugs, apex’s, and people arguing over what needs to be nerfed or buffed, and much much more!!!


I know, right?

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So… I didn’t miss anything lol. Gotcha. If anything it sounds maybe more broken… That’s possible? :thinking::man_shrugging:

Yeah it’s going pretty ok in the game right now. It’s pretty much like what @Snake_Dude said who btw has a pretty cool thread where he draws other people’s hybrids you should go check it out. There are a couple of good things that are new in the game like raids but the invite system is pretty buggy. One thing that also changed is the meta if you didn’t notice we went from an immunity meta to now a resilient meta. Which also means that cunning creatures have taken a huge hit because of this. Another thing that has changed is we now have a new rarity which is called Apex and they are raid bosses and creatures you unlock through defeating the same bosses every week the first to are starting to be unlocked like a week ago which are Mortem rex (which has been around in the arena’s for about maybe a monthish). and Hadros lux. And we got our first legendary creature that isn’t a hybrid parasurolophus lux which is technically para gen 2 and is from the Netflix show Camp Cretaceous which is a good show and you should also check it out if you haven’t already. Also one new thing is I have joined the forum so if you don’t recognize me that’s cause I’m new to commenting and posting. Anyway it’s nice to meet you and hopefully we can get to talk and get to know each other better over time on the forum.

Sorry this was a long reply I tend to give a lot of information if I’m interested in something I hope this helps and I hope you have a great day.


Yeah. I left right after the raids and mortum were released. The immunity nerf was actually decent, it didn’t go as terribly as, well as badly as expected… But too much changed all at the wrong time and they didn’t fix many of the problems.

Yeah understandable I might have done the same thing but I like dino’s a lot and this game can be fun at times. So I decided to stick around and I will still stick around because I like this game.

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Also speaking of Apex dino’s I recently created a raptor Apex creature would you like to see it?

Raids are the most radically different thing. Ludia themselves detail it in the 2.0 release notes . Outside of that, not much. There are short range spawns which are basically proximity spawns, but certain creatures are short range exclusive. They cannot be brought out with a scent sadly

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Yeah. I love dinosaurs too, and the community/alliance aspect is cool. But sometimes the negatives offset the positives. I was here in the very beginning of the game, it was amazing. It was so fun to collect and battle, every aspect was super fun. Then they went crazy and each peice started to apparently get out of hand.

It’s still fun but the community is more fun.

Eew, yikes. Now that sounds terrible, is it as terrible as it sounds?

Yeah it is that bad as I mentioned in my first response to you. I mentioned that we got our first non hybrid legendary which is para lux and it is a short range spawn and I haven’t been able to dart or really find one since it was released except for the event on Sunday a week or so ago.

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Oh wow! I didn’t know it spawned. That’s cool. Yeah thank you for all the information lol.

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Yeah it was I joined the game I think in June or July a few months after it was released and yeah it was really fun to either see or dart new dino’s I hadn’t really heard of before and then things changed a lot and a lot of dino’s were changed or nerfed that were good and then 2.0 came out and it was a good update but the update kinda got rid of a bunch of diversity and so now we’re here and the game is still fun just not what it used to be.

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Yeah it does spawn it’s just really rare I only saw it spawn once before the event a week ago and barely had time to discover it and when it did. It despawned and I haven’t seen it since in the wild.

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Depends on how much you hunt, especially given current world situations. Where I’m from, there’s no enforced lockdowns, just a mask mandate if you go into a super market, but I could go running or catch a bus if I wanted to