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So where is it

Like a week has almost passed are we ever gonna get that survey you said would come soon


I think they meant soon™.


Lol like when will they nerf draco, : soon

Maybe they want to, you know, let people experience the new re-balanced DC before they ask for survey feedback.

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Lol but the survey was more on maxima, indo, and pro Rat the rat is fine now ( wow I never thought I say that)

ANd also on some of the new creatures like monolorhino

No it wasn’t, it was about all of them.

Lol ya but most really now don’t have a problem with rat, it’s perfect in terms of swap in moves(although why does it have 1.5k attack like what the heck man) anyway but still I don’t think it take them this long to make a survey

Does it really matter? I 'm sure it will be out soon as they said it would.

They will send it out an hour after they’ve made all the changes.

Then all the Ludia apologists will be saying that we have absolutely no right to complain as it’s what we asked for.


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