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So who has started using boosts yet?

I myself will be holding off awhile to see what I see boosted in Arena. It’s weird using my team at the moment. The battles I have had seem to show that others are holding off at the moment also.

I’m doing the same for now. I want to see who’s boosting what before I consider mine.

I’m holding off as long as I can. I have hit a couple beasts already.

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I’m boosting my dinos in small increments. I played a fight and lost because my Erlidom left the enemy Indoraptor at 30 HP. “K, so boost that up a notch or a few…” Then play some more. Piece by piece updating to match the necessities.


I’ve easily defeated those who applied boosts already, lol.

people gonna be dropping arenas like hot potatoes.


What Beasts? Or shall I ask…What did they boost?

Level 30 15/15/0 Draco
Level 27 12/7/4 Erlidom
Same team. That had to be at least 2/3 of their total boosts.

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Wth they thying to do, its okay if the next stat boost is going to cost what is it now, we fully understand that. But the fact that they removed all that we already upgraded… thats bs. + what they gave is just sad considering it barely scratched the surface in getting my dinos back to its old stats

You weren’t supposed to be able to get back to the same stats. That was the point.


Boosts have so little impact now.

Tier 2 boost is equivalent to one level up. I had enough boosts to apply T2 across all (haven’t used them all)

So I will say 3 things

  1. DNA matters so much now

  2. With the boost cost a max boosted dino (eg. Lvl 26 = 26 boosts applied) will be very very very rare

  3. We have our beautifully balanced and tactical arena back


I only used speed boost and attack and health on erlidom. And attack on Thor. This is going to take time to get used too

Interesting…Sounds like the Rat is going to be a priority. It will be more interesting to see what happens with Thor.

When Dracorats first came out, I dropped over 500+ trophies before getting with the program. When boosts came out, I dropped nearly 1000 before getting with the program. I’m starting to really hate the program.


Still didn’t get to use her against a human, just a bot, but got eaten by Tenontorex’s rampage. Instead won vs a human while using non-boosted Ardonto, Utasino, Kapro, and Noodle Titan. Their team had boosted lvl 24 Miragaia and another boosted Gorgosuchus. I forgot what else they had, I think Allosino unboosted but not sure.

Havent used any yet. Was waiting until I got some more feedback on ideal stats to boost for each dino.

So far arena has been bad though. 0-3 . All matches were against people with level 30 dinos with tons of boosts put in. (My team is 26-28 range). I got beat up pretty bad in the matches too

Seems like the level 30 people have started boosting everything they can. Just got crushed. Boosted Rats, Thors and erlidom already out there. I might not be able to stand pat for long.

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Not just lvl 30.

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Fun, isn’t it? Its like facing a whole team of rats. I’m so disappointed, I can’t believe it.

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I don’t have enough boosts to even bother boosting at all.

I’m not till everything is settled down more, probably next week or so. I want to how/if the meta shifts.

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