So, Why Is This A Thing Now?

Never before have I been so glad to have played the game way before normal creatures like Quetzalcoatlus and even some regular rare and even common animals were now locked behind Events in order unlock them instead of Battle Stages. Since I stopped playing over a year ago, I likely missed my chance to unlock Rhizodus normally but can only buy the creature from the Amber Market. Can you even unlock creatures from that market after buying them? Can you even unlock the creatures in the Amber Market normally through Event battles or Battle Stages now or are they locked their forever?

Who in the JW:TG team thought this was a good idea?

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The last unlock for her was on 07/01/2019.

No, you only obtain 1 copy for the amber spent, which does not unlocked the creature. Thus to get a locked dino to L40 you’d have to spend enough amber for 8 copies, or how ever many you need to obtain depending on how many copies you obtained through RNG in packs or prize wheels.

I said it in another thread discussing why unlocks were changed from battle stages to weekly RNG events, and the subsequent softlocking of some of the dinos since they are out of the event rotation (preventing players from unlocking):

And side note: Rhizodus came out shortly after the unlock reshuffle, so it was never in a battle stage unlock (IIRC). Vet players like me unlocked it during one of the two times it was ever obtainable and unlockable. Both unlock dates are given in the linked Google Sheet above.