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So.....why isn't this map on for the whole month

Ok, I’m pretty sure this map is meant to show autumn is here and also it has a Halloween feel to it…yet it isn’t going to Halloween

Is this right? Why isn’t it going to the end of the month? I love it and think it’s awesome

Can you clarify that this is right @Ned


It doesn’t say the new map is for Halloween. It says it’s for the changing seasons.

Maybe we get something else for Halloween.


More spoopy map changes incoming?! :ghost:

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I also like how they turned Procerato into a werewolf.


I feel this track should be playing in the background…

:musical_score:Under a red hot moon, take a bus downtown to the graveyard shift tonight
Under a red hot moon, take a bus downtown to the graveyard shift tonight🎼

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i have a better idea:
update the app so we can choose our own themes.

so everybody gets happy with colors. :heart_eyes_cat:

My guess is they’re testing the effect of color schemes on game play…

I love it. They should add a theme option in settings. Don’t want it to go away.

Here is spino about to go howling at the moon.


Totally love it, if there was a vote I would keep it


I love it! Purple, blue, and pink are my three favorite colors so the original 1.9 map looks beautiful, but these three are even better! This is my neighborhood at day, dawn, and night. The night is the best!


Is there any possibility that this map could stay this way for longer @Ned, @J.C @Jorge

I absolutely LOVE IT :heart_eyes: